Rumor: Square Enix's Press Conference At E3 2021 Will Not Unveil Major Final Fantasy Series News

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There are rumors circulating online that Square Enix doesn't plan to announce anything new about Final Fantasy. This may not be what many think it is. Major updates would be a sequel, not news of an upscaling for PS5 or something like that. Final Fantasy 16 was expected to be announced at E3, so this would be a huge omission.

There are a growing number of people who believe this E3 will not be a big announcement hub for Square Enix. Likewise, the company is unlikely to talk about Final Fantasy Remake 2 at E3, as we have reported previously. This E3 may just be about promoting what we already know: the mobile game, the online game, and remakes for the PS5


Square Enix doesn't have big plans for Final Fantasy at E3

According to the E3 schedule, Square Enix only has a "special event" that seems like a footnote. There has been word that Square Enix will be focused on Babylon's Fall and Marvel's Avengers Black Panther update. There is also the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade which will be the next entry in the series to release on PlayStation 5.

That means there is a lot for Square Enix to say, and one event might not have enough time for everything. That is a good reason for Square Enix to feel like they can hold off on bigger announcements and focus on things that will sell very soon. If anything, this is the smartest financial move for them.

A member of ResetERA forums, Sasliquid seemed to be alluding to the lack of real news coming from Square Enix for E3. Sasliquid has been verified by the forums' administration team multiple times. E3 will be held later this week, on June 13th, and if this rumor is true, things will be somewhat disappointing on Square Enix's end.


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