A Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Release Date Sees FF1PR Launch Next Month

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Cramming six Final Fantasy remasters into a 30-second E3 trailer earlier in the month didn't allow much detail to come through and left us feeling as if a Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster release date could be fairly far away. Turns out that's not true at all: FF1PR is coming next month.

In a new, now deleted livestream (of which source Gematsu kept the URL for proof), Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster would release next month.

That doesn't mean the refreshed versions of FF1-6 will all release in July, though. On sale as individual games rather than an actual collection or boxset, each of the 8/16-bit era Final Fantasy games will launch in their original order.

We don't know exactly when the next will arrive (hopefully they're monthly releases) but we do now know that the Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster will launch sometime in July.

The livestream featured three of the franchises' most important people; original pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya, FF6 director Yoshinori Kitase, and the creator of Final Fantasy itself Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Final Fantasy fan remix artist and creator of many popular anime openings Kenichi Maeyamada hosted the show alongside Chiaki Matsuzawa, a voice actor known for being cast as an announcer or host in anything from Digimon to My Hero Academia. Basically, it's a video the world deserves to watch, Square Enix.

Though we may not get to see the announcement video, something that did survive the stream was a brand-new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster trailer showing off more than just the FF1PR release coming next month. You can watch that down below.

One major detail that RPG Site's Alex Donaldson gleaned from the new information is just how much extra detail the Pixel Remaster versions of the games will add. The reworked backgrounds, for example, allow the iconic city of Narshe to be present in the opening scene of Final Fantasy VI beneath the cliff.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series will also mark the first time the 2D version of Final Fantasy III has been localized and released in the West. Previously, the 3D remake originally released on the Nintendo DS was the only official way to experience the franchises' third entry.

What was released as Final Fantasy 3 in the West on the SNES was actually Final Fantasy VI.

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