Final Fantasy XIV Resumes Digital Sales Later This Month

Final Fantasy XIV was a victim of its own success last year, as Square Enix suspended sales because the servers had become strained after the Endwalker expansion released. Now, the publisher's announced sales will resume later this month.

Speaking on the official Final Fantasy XIV website (thanks Siliconera), Square Enix confirmed it'll become available again on January 25. Square Enix confirmed opening the Oceanian Data Center has allowed them to accommodate additional players. Furthermore, playtime and log-in frequency of XIV players has returned to normal, so the servers should be fine again.

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Final Fantasy XIV Resumes Digital Sales Later This Month

However, the blog post also cautions that sales may get halted again should the servers get overwhelmed. There's no guarantee this will eventually happen, but given how some players were queueing for hours at a time, it can't be ruled out either.

With numerous quests to play through, including the Endwalker expansion, it looks like Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity won’t stop anytime soon. That's available now on PC, PS4 and PS5 platforms, and we'll keep you informed with further developments as they happen.

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