Female Hrothgar And Male Viera Are Coming To Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers introduced two new playable races into the game: Viera and Hrothgar. These beloved races were only-female and only-male, respectively, which earned some animosity from the fans who wanted more options at the moment of creating their characters. After two years of petitions, Final Fantasy XIV will introduce Male Viera and Female Hrothgar.

Female Hrothgar And Male Viera Are Coming To Final Fantasy XIV

A week ago, during the Fan Festival 2021 event, Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida (also known as Yoshi-P) revealed in a showcase that Male Vieras are coming in the next expansion, Endwalker. It was also confirmed that Female Hrothgars would arrive at a later point too since the developers are working hard on the upcoming expansion.

This comes as surprising news. since the addition of these two gender alternatives for these races was something the developers’ team refused to do three years ago, due to time restraints in the development cycle and certain limitations. According to Yoshi-P, they reconsidered the idea and worked hard to make it happen after seeing the fans’ love for these two races, and thanks to the advancements within the game engine.

You can check the Male Viera showcase in the video below:

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