Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How To Score 30,000 Points In Whack A Box

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The games from the Final Fantasy franchise are known for having some of the most interesting side and bonus missions players all around the world can do to gain additional rewards.

One of those is the Whack a Box which can be done in Final Fantasy VII Remake where you can score various amounts of points from boxes you may destroy as the timer runs. You may target 30,000 points for a bigger chance to get rewards after you do so.


So, keep reading and we’ll dig deeper to know how you can score 30,000 points in Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Whack a Box.

How To Score 30,000 Points In Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Whack A Box

You need to begin the Whack a Box quest by destroying small boxes to fill up your ATB gauge. There is the yellow box worth 50 points, the blue box worth either 100 or 1,500 points, and the red box which can give additional 10 seconds.

When your ATB gauge is filled up, you may unleash your Bravery attacks to smash blue boxes worth 1,500 points. Start with the first area, then go to the ramp to smash the red box.


Then you may proceed to go to the other side of the area while smashing yellow boxes to fill up your gauge consistently. Once your gauge is filled up again, use a Bravery attack to smash the blue boxes worth 1,500 points.

Then you may target red boxes after you destroy the blue boxes every time. This will allow you to give additional time to destroy more boxes, and you may do this again and again to reach 30,000 points.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Whack A Box Rewards

The main regards you can get in Whack a Box depends on how many points you got. Scoring 20,000 pints will give you a Crescent Moon Charm while scoring 30,000 points will reward you with a Spectral Cogwheel. You will also get a Moogle Medal after doing the mission.


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