Final Fantasy 7 Remake: New Locations Guide For Midgar

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10, and is one of the generation's most-anticipated games.

While we've known for some time that the remake will focus primarily on the early-game location of Midgar (with subsequent parts adding extra story content), we now have confirmation that fresh locations will be included.


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: New Locations

Perhaps that shouldn't be surprising – Midgar could be explored within around six hours in the original game, so we'd imagine it'll need to be fleshed out some way. 


In a new ViDoc released on YouTube, the game's creators discuss the new title, and Tetsuya Nomura says the following:

"You travel through the slums quite a lot, but it didn't really feel like we used the upper city all that much, and I thought we should have done that," Nomura says.

"Of course, you do go back to Midgar later and see some different scenes there, but I felt it would be nice if we could see more of the upper layer in the earlier part of the story. I thought it would be good to open up some of the locations, so players could explore more of those places that they wanted to see when they played the original. People wanted to go into this building or see that facility. So I think you will get even more of a feel for Midgar than you did the first time."

You can check out the full video below.