Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How To Increase Stagger Bonus To 200% to 300%

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Final Fantasy games are known for their action-packed combat system where players will go through the game by defeating enemies of all kinds. And in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the action still continues.

But aside from killing those, one thing you could consider is to stagger your enemies. This allows you to inflict more damage, and you may do this by performing special attacks and spells that may help fill up the orange meter seen below your health meter. Having a stagger bonus of 200%-300% could totally knock of enemies quicker than the usual way.


With that, we got you covered. Here’s how to increase stagger bonus to 200%-300% in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Increase Stagger Bonus To 200% In Final Fantasy VII Remake

You may first target to have a 200% stagger bonus first by staggering your enemy in the Fat Chocobo VR mission. You can use Barrett and Cloud to deal a lot of damage to the enemy.

Then switch to Tifa once you have staggered the enemy. Utilize her Unbridled Strength ability to strengthen her triangle special attacks. Use it multiple times to reach 200%.


How To Increase Stagger Bonus To 300% In Final Fantasy VII Remake

To hit 300%, you just need to do the same thing mentioned above, but with some changes.

Use Tifa's Unbridled Strength to help her enhance the triangle attacks which you can use up until Rise and Fall. Use these attacks to trigger Omnistrike, then follow through by triggering Whirling Uppercut.

Just repeat those steps until you reach 300% in stagger bonus, and it will deal massive damage that can knock off the enemies immediately.


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