Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How To Unlock Leviathan Summon

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The Leviathan could be considered as one of the boss enemies in Final Fantasy VII Remake, So, if the time comes that you would eventually face it, knowing how you can beat it is very essential.

But before you may do so, you need to first know how you can unlock it. This is possible in the later parts of the game, but you should take note of when it will appear in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Keep reading as we dive deeper to know how to unlock the Leviathan in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Unlock Leviathan In Final Fantasy VII Remake

The mission to defeat Leviathan will be available as a VR mission. Talk to Chadley as soon as you reach chapter 14, and you will then be able to face Leviathan but not as part of the main storyline.

How To Beat Leviathan In Final Fantasy VII Remake

It is advisable to use the Thunder Materia to your party members, as well as the Elemental Materia to your physical attacker.


You can also boost your defensive prowess since Leviathan’s attack can deal a massive amount of magic damage. So, boosting your magic defense is a viable thing to do.

Also, try to deal as much damage as possible to stagger Leviathan quickly. Use Cloud to do so and target its head to inflict more damage.

And that’s it! Follow us for more Final Fantasy VII Remake guides like this one.

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