Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How To Unlock Bahamut Summon

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Bahamut could be regarded as the king of dragons. And having a battle with it may be a lot challenging compared to other Summons in the game.

But just like any other Summons or creatures in the 2020 edition of the original 1997 title by Square Enix, this enemy would not just appear out of nowhere. There is something you need to accomplish first before you may be able to face this final boss.

But do not worry and we got you covered. Here’s how to unlock Bahamut in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Unlock Bahamut In Final Fantasy VII Remake

You need to unlock first all of Chadley’s 20 Battle Intel Report challenges before you can unlock the mission to defeat Bahamut in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Beat Bahamut In Final Fantasy VII Remake

As much as possible, try to Pressure Bahamut by using Cloud and Tifa’s attacks to deal damage. At the same time, use Aerith to deal basic attacks which can eventually fill up her ATB to provide additional heals to your party.

Interrupt Bahamut’s charge by alternatively using Cloud and Tifa to deal damage. Staggering it is useful, as well as having it Pressured at the same time.

And finally, do not let Bahamut count down and use Megaflare. Once it happens, it will make you lose immediately.

That’s it! Follow us for more Final Fantasy VII Remake like this one.

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