Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Corneo’s Vault Locations

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Just like the other titles form the renowned video game franchise Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII Remake offers a lot of missions and activities which players can do while navigating through the game.

Some can be done while you are making your way towards the end of the game, while some can be unlocked after you finish the game. One of those is the Don Corneo’s Secret Stash side mission, where you will be tasked to locate three vaults containing some sort of treasure.


Keep reading to know all the Corneo’s vault locations in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Corneo’s Vault Locations

There are three Corneo’s vaults that you can locate in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

One is located at the Steel Mountain area of Sector 5, one at the Collapsed Expressway which you can locate by entering a tunnel from Sector 5, and one at the Sewers.


In order to be able to find those, you just need to unlock the final batch of side missions right before doing the final mission of the game. Once you have done it, go to the church and look for Kyrie. She will hand you the key to open the vaults.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Corneo’s Vault Rewards

Each of Corneo’s vaults has an item which you can give to the Sector 7 refugees, as well as a handful of crates, Moogle Medals, Materia, and Gil.

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