Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hell House Boss: How to beat the Hell House in Chapter 9

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally here, after years of waiting!

While much of the game's boss battles are fairly simple, the Hell House at the end of Chapter 9 can be a real pain in the glass (that's a window joke, and you'll see why soon).

Here's how to bring the house down.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to beat Hell House

Once you step into the arena to battle Hell House, be prepared for a fight. There are three stages to the boss battle, and they get tougher each time.

You'll want to load up with a varied mix of Materia to increase your chances of success. We'd suggest packing everything elemental – Aero for wind, Blizzard for ice, Thunder for lightning and Fire for, well, fire.

As far as Summon spells go, avoid Ifrit or Shiva and opt for a non-elemental one instead – Chocobo and Moogle or Fat Chocobo will do the trick.

You'll also want plenty of healing items, particularly Hi-Potions.

Step One

Remember those spells you loaded Cloud and Aerith up with? You'll want to match them to the colours of the house's windows.

Once you've knocked it about a bit, the windows will turn red, yellow, green or white. Here's what you need to use:

  • Red Windows - Blizzard
  • Yellow Windows - Wind
  • White Windows - Fire
  • Green Windows - Thunder

Once you've staggered it, you'll get a brief cutscene to set up Step Two.

Hell House is one of FF7 Remake's toughest bosses
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Step Two

The house will take to the skies and start hurling furniture at you, so you'll want to make liberal use of the dodge button.

When it lands, it'll switch between flame and ice-based attacks – both fairly close range. It'll also keep entering 'God Mode', making it nearly impossible to damage.

When it starts to charge its attacks, attack with the corresponding spell (Blizzard for its fiery ones, and Fire with its icy ones). This will help stagger it, and then Cloud's Focused Thrust ability can knock it down even more.

Step Three

After this, the house gains extra mobility – in fact, it'll fly for a period. Be sure to dodge constantly, but keep an eye on a countdown that'll appear above the house.

That countdown leads to the house dropping his shield, which and when it does you'll need to hit it with the elemental spell that matches its window colour again.

If you don't, it'll hit hard – dealing 1000 damage.

After knocking it out of the air, and dealing plenty of damage when its staggered, rinse and repeat and you'll finish the fight.

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