Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Golden Chocobo Guide

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out in just a few short weeks, and we can't wait to visit Midgar again.

Of course, the famous city forms just part of the overall world of Final Fantasy 7 – but with this remake being just the first chapter, it's unlikely you'll get to leave until the second part arrives.


Here's everything we know about the Golden Saucer and the possibility of breeding a Golden Chocobo.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Golden Saucer and Chocobo Guide

For newcomers that aren't aware, there's a location in the original game known as the Gold Saucer that offers a host of minigames. Players can snowboard, stay at a haunted hotel, or race Chocobos – larger bird-like creatures.

One of the more hardcore pursuits in the game was earning a Golden Chocobo, the rarest breed that required equal parts luck, skill, and grinding to earn.

Don't expect to earn the shiny feathered beast in the remake though – because Gold Saucer isn't found within Midgar, it isn't likely to be accessible.


Of course, Square Enix could surprise us – we live in hope.