Will The European Super League Be In FIFA 22?

Football was shaken today by the confirmation that twelve of the world's biggest clubs will look to compete in a breakaway competition, the European Super League.

It's sent shockwaves through the world of professional football, but how will it manifest itself in FIFA 22?

Here's all we know.

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Will The European Super League Be In FIFA 22?

It would be fair to say that UEFA and FIFA, the sport's governing bodies, are not happy about the potential of the new competition.

With FIFA being the name on the box, that means you're unlikely to see the European Super League in FIFA 22 - especially given that the series has only secured the rights to the Champions League in recent seasons following Konami's PES franchise owning those.

It could have big repercussions on the rest of the game, though.

“The players that will play in the Super League will be banned from playing in the World Cup and Euros. Ceferin. They will not be allowed play for their national teams," a UEFA statement reveals.

That could see national squads decimated - imagine an England team without players from Man City, Man United, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool.

Leagues could impose sanctions on clubs involved, too. Could we see points deductions for the aforementioned teams? Imagine those six clubs in the Championship next season.

Of course, this is very much a hot-button issue that's breaking today, but things could change any day.

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