FIFA 22 Season 3: Level 30 Player Pick Review & Tips

Season 3 of FIFA 22's Ultimate Team is officially underway, bringing with it a host of new Seasonal Objectives and, more importantly, a selection of incredible rewards.

As always, the main objective is to make your way to Level 30, where you will find a three-man Player Pick. All three players come in at a cool 87 OVR.

Here is everything you need to know.

Level 30 Player Pick

As we've already alluded to, there are three players up for grabs should you make your way to the final tier of Season 3.

There is a central midfielder, a centre attacking midfielder and a striker to ponder over.

Here is the full breakdown.

Alan Browne (87 OVR)

The first choice is an 87-rated Alan Browne.

The Preston North End midfielder has been upgraded from a 73 OVR to an 87 OVR and has put himself in contention for the Championship card of the year so far.

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Five of Browne's six base stats come in at 80 or above, with only his passing falling below that mark at 79 OVR.

This is an incredibly well-rounded card that would fit seamlessly into any midfield, but his Irish nationality means you will struggle to build him into any starting XI's outside of the Championship.

Gfinity Rating - 3.5/5

Alejandro Pozuelo (87 OVR)

The second option is MLS midfielder, Pozuelo.

The Spaniard has been upgraded from an 80 OVR to an 87 OVR, and has the benefit of being from one of the 'big nations'.

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Pozuelo has 90-rated dribbling, 87-rated passing and 84-rated shooting, making him comfortably the best MLS player on offer in FIFA 22 currently.

His nation means you'll be able to build him into LaLiga hybrids quite easily too, which is something to consider if you're currently running with a side from the Spanish top flight.

Gfinity Rating - 4/5

Fabricio (87 OVR)

The final option for you to consider is Brazilian striker, Fabricio.

Fabricio has seen his rating upgraded from a 69 OVR to an 87 OVR, to make him the perfect striker partner for Liga NOS Foundations SBC card, Simon Banza.

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Fabricio has seen huge upgrades to his pace (87 OVR) and his physicality (92 OVR), both of which make the Brazilian the perfect striker to hold up the ball in any of the two striker formations.

His nation is handy for hybrids too, and he'll also be a key player in any Brazilian side built for completing Objectives.

Gfinity Rating - 4/5

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