FIFA 22 Serie A POTM SBC: Giovanni Simeone Cheapest Solution and Review

The FIFA 22 POTM SBCs continue to roll out.

Joining Luuk Brouwers and Robin Le Normand in the winners circle this month is Hellas Veronas forward, Giovanni Simeone.

Here is everything you need to know about the Argentines limited-time Squad Building Challenge.

POTM Simeone Stats

Let's begin with the in-game stats for the 26-year-old forward.

With 87-rated pace, 87-rated dribbling and 86-rated shooting, it looks to be quite the budget forward for those looking for a man to lead their line.

The full stats breakdown is as follows:

Simeone also has 3* skills and a 3* weak foot.

POTM Simeone Requirements

Despite being an 87-rated forward, EA are asking for just two squads in return for the Hellas Veronas favourite.

The requirements for both are as follows:


  • Argentinian Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Reward: One Gold Pack

Serie A TIM

  • Serie A TIM Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • Reward: One Small Electrum Players Pack

POTM Simeone Expiry Date

This POTM Giovanni Simeone card will be available until Tuesday, December 7th.

POTM Simeone Cheapest Solutions

This Simeone card will cost you roughly 50,000 coins if completed from scratch.

The cheapest solutions to both of the required squads are as follows:


  • LB - 83 ANGELINO
  • CB - 82 SULE
  • RB - 82 GRIMALDO
  • CM - 83 CANALES
  • CM - 83 MUNAIN
  • LW - 83 OCAMPOS
  • RW - 83 ASENSIO
  • ST - 83 CORREA
  • ST - 83 FELIX

Serie A TIM

  • GK - 84 ILICIC
  • LB - 84 SAVIC
  • CB - 84 FELIPE
  • CB - 84 GIMENEZ
  • RB - 84 TRIPPIER
  • CM - 83 LEMAR
  • CM - 84 CARRASCO
  • CAM - 83 FELIX
  • LW - 84 TADIC
  • RW - 84 PIQUE
  • ST - 84 IAGO ASPAS

POTM Simeone Review - Is It Worth It?

Again, it's another relatively unknown player making waves across Europe this month.

As far as this card is concerned, we can't have too many complaints. The price is more than fair given the impressive in-games that Simeone is bringing to the table.

expand image

But with that said, the 3*/3* puts a significant blotch on this card. With 4*/4* this would have been one of the best Serie A strikers available. It would also have cost significantly more.

For under 50,000 coins, we can't have any complaints. This is a card that you will see quite often in Division Rivals.

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