FIFA 22 Ones To Watch: Objectives Eduardo Camavinga Confirmed

FIFA 22's Ones to Watch promotion is coming to Ultimate Team soon.

A host of transferred stars from across world football are set to feature in the curtain raising promotion, with Real Madrid's Eduardo Camavinga now revealed as part of the Team 1 lineup.

Here is everything we know about the youngster's arrival in the promotion.

Objectives Eduardo Camavinga

After an initial leak on social media, EA Sports have now officially revealed that Eduardo Camavinga will be an Objectives player in the upcoming promotional release.

The 18 year old - who joined Real Madrid in a deal believed to be in the reigion of £35,000,000 - will be available to unlock for free by completing a set of objectives that are likely to be themed around his club and country.

The card has not yet been added to the game, but it will land during the OTW campaign.

When Will OTW Camavinga Be Available?

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We expect that OTW Camavinga will be released in tandem with the Team 1 squad, which is rumoured to be landing in FIFA 22 at 6pm BST on Friday, October 1st.

How To Unlock Objectives Eduardo Camavinga

Complete the four objectives below to earn (Untradeable) Ones To Watch Camavinga + 300XP


  • Reward - 75+ RATED RARE PLAYER (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  • Objective - Score using LaLiga players in 12 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: New Allegiance


  • Reward - GOLD PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  • Objective - Score 10 goals using Premier League players in the Live FUT Friendly: New Allegiance


  • Reward - TWO PLAYERS PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  • Objective - Assist 5 goals with Crosses using Ligue 1 players in the Live FUT Friendly: New Allegiance


  • Reward - SMALL ELECTRUM PLAYERS PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  • Objective - Win 9 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: New Allegiance

How Do OTW Upgrades Work?

Ones To Watch players will be upgraded each time that they receive a performance-based item within Ultimate Team. This includes both Team of the Week cards and Man of the Match cards.

A new addition to the OTW upgrades system means that players are also eligible for a one-time upgrade if their team wins five out of the next 10 domestic league games (starting on October 1st 2021).

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