FIFA 22 ICONs: Robin van Persie Announced & Ratings Revealed

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FIFA 22's Web App will launch tomorrow, giving players the chance to get a headstart on their FIFA Ultimate Team ahead of launch.

One player that many will be hoping to pack is former Manchester United & Arsenal forward Robin Van Persie, who has been officially confirmed as a FIFA 22 ICON.


Here is everything we know about the Dutchman's arrival.

Goalscoring Machine

Robin Van Persie is one of the most prolific goalscorers of the Premier League era.

The Dutch forward scored goals aplenty for both Arsenal and Manchester United, winning the Premier League with the latter.

He joins former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney in joining the ICON class of 22, with both available upon release.

EA have worked back through RVP's career in order to craft three ICON cards: a base, a mid and a prime.


Base RVP (87 OVR)

Kicking things off is the base version of RVP, which focuses on the earlier stages of his career.

90 dribbling, 89 shooting and 87 pace lead the way in terms of the youthful RVP's base stats, who is likely to warrant a higher fee on the transfer market thanks to his speed.

  • 87 Pace
  • 90 Dribbling
  • 89 Shooting
  • 42 Defending
  • 84 Passing
  • 74 Physicality

Mid RVP (89 OVR)


The mid-tier version of Van Persie is an 89-rated striker, one which focuses on the latter stages of his career.

His speed and dribbling take a slight hit on this card, though his shooting and passing increase thanks to his experience on the pitch.

  • 83 Pace
  • 88 Dribbling
  • 92 Shooting
  • 44 Defending
  • 85 Passing
  • 75 Physicality

Prime RVP (91 OVR)

The prime version of Van Persie comes in at a mightily impressive 91 OVR.

His shooting is higher on this card than any other, as is his passing. His 90-rated dribbling matches his base card.

  • 85 Pace
  • 90 Dribbling
  • 94 Shooting
  • 46 Defending
  • 87 Passing
  • 74 Physicality