FIFA 22: Flashback Kylian Mbappe SBC Cheapest Solutions & Review

The FIFA 22 Flashback campaign has brought some impressive cards to the Ultimate Team servers this year.

We've seen the likes of Pedro and N'Golo Kante feature in the early weeks, whilst a first Player Moments card has also arrived, starring Hertha Berlin attacking midfielder Kevin Prince-Boateng.

But if leaks on social media are to be believed, then we could be set for the SBC of the year so far with a Flashback Kylian Mbappe on the cards.

Here is everything we know so far.

This card has been leaked on social media. We will update this article to reflect the confirmed card upon arrival.

Flashback Kylian Mbappe Stats

As this card hasn't been confirmed/released as of yet, we haven't seen any of the official in-game stats.

But that won't stop us from having an educated guess as to how a Flashback Mbappe could shape up in FIFA 22.

We'll begin by saying that it will be a downgraded version of the World Cup winner, with an OVR rating between 86-88 to be expected.

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The French forward began his career as a right winger before switching to a more central role in recent times, we imagine that EA will opt for a right wing version of the Frenchman.

You can expect to see a downgrade on all six of Mbappe's base stats, with pace and dribbling almost certain to be the two standout stats. Here are our predictions for Mbappe's base stats:

  • 96 Pace
  • 88 Dribbling
  • 82 Shooting
  • 35 Defending
  • 79 Passing
  • 73 Physicality

Thankfully, Mbappe has been blessed with 5* skills since FIFA 19, so we imagine that EA will stick with a five-star rating on this card.

Flashback Kylian Mbappe Requirements

Here is the big question. What will EA be asking for in return for this Flashback Mbappe card?

Despite the expected downgrade in rating, this is still expected to be a very popular card, and if the recent Cristiano Ronaldo POTM SBC is anything to go by, it is unlikely that EA will be offering it out on the cheap.

We are expecting to see a minimum of nine squads required in return for any potential Flashback Mbappe SBC.

Flashback Kylian Mbappe Expiry Date

As the release date for this card is still unknown, we are unable to give an exact expiry date.

But, given that it is likely to be an expensive one to complete, we are hoping that EA will allow 30 days to complete the SBC upon release.

Flashback Kylian Mbappe Cheapest Solutions

We will update this section of the article with the cheapest solutions once this card is released.

Flashback Kylian Mbappe Review - Is It Worth It?

We'll update this section of the article with a full review of this. card once it has been released.

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