FIFA Online Career Mode In Development?

A new job advert has got the FIFA community buzzing.

EA may have inadvertently revealed a huge FIFA 22 feature coming to Career Mode.

What has traditionally been a popular offline mode maybe entering the online world.

FIFA Online Career Mode

In a new job listing, EA is looking for an Online Software Engineer to work on the FIFA franchise in Vancouver, Canada.

Here's what EA are looking for:

As an Online Software Engineer, you will help build our networked play development team – whether that be in our online career mode, ultimate team, or core online systems and protocols. We are looking for engineers who enjoy prototyping and planning, adding amazing new features to an existing and beloved game, and improving existing code.

The description specifically mentions "our online career mode".

Perhaps this is a typo, or online Career Mode is finally arriving. It's not be mentioned before, so it comes as a surprise to many.

FIFA is often criticised for its limited changes and updates from game to game, so players understandably get excited when new features are announced (and equally frustrated when nothing is added).

Career Mode has been a mode that is enjoyed and passionately followed by a large part of the community. It's often been a mode that has been neglected until recently and with an online capability, it could open up endless possibilities.

We could see the first multiplayer Career Mode in a FIFA title. Could it come as early as FIFA 22?

Or perhaps it's as simple as being able to upload your Career Mode online to redownload at a later date.

While a number of online features and modes could be transferred between new and old-gen consoles, Career Mode was not one of them.

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