14 Jul 2021 4:31 PM +00:00

When Is The FIFA 22 Web App Releasing?

FIFA 22 will be arriving in October, which means attentions will soon start swtiching towards the launch of the Web App.

The Web App allows players to get a head start on their Ultimate Team prior to the full release of the EA Sports title, but when exactly will players be able to get logged in?

When Is The FIFA 22 Web App Releasing?

We have an official release date for the full title - Friday, October 1st 2021 - which means we can start to work out a rough expected release date for the Web & Companion App.

Early access is expected to roll out a week before the full release of FIFA 22 - Friday, September 24th is our estimate on that front - so we can safely assume the Web & Companion App will be coming before then.

Friday, September 17th is the date that we are expecting to see EA switch the Web App from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22, which means fans will have a week of trading and SBC's to focus on before they can log into their consoles.

What Will Be Available?

You won't be able to play any Ultimate Team matches via the Web App, but you will be able to get cracking on packing out your FUT club.

The transfer market will be available for those looking to trade their way up the leaderboards, whilst we expect EA to allow thier usual FIFA Points transfer for those wanting to open packs via the store.

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SBC's will be available to complete, though we don't expect there to be a massive amount available in the early stages.

Daily Log In rewards should return to encourage fans to head back to the app each day.