FIFA 22 Web App Login & Everything You Need To Know

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FIFA 22 is well underway, with FUT fanatics getting stuck into that Division Rivals grind ahead of the first FUT Champions competition of the year.

But every now and again we need access to our club without having our consoles to hand, that is where the Web App comes into play.

The FIFA 22 Web App allows you to ensure your club is kept ticking along smoothly wherever you may be!

Latest News

25 November 2021 -

Black Friday will be coming to FIFA 22 tomorrow!

With a range of flash SBCs and pack offers expected, you will want to ensure that you have access to the game wherever you may be.

With this in mind, if you plan on buying packs with FIFA Points, then you should load your account up prior to the event itself, as you cannot buy FIFA Points on the Web or Companion app.

FUT 22 Web App Dates

The FIFA 22 FUT Web App went live on Wednesday, September 22nd.

There is no need to worry about the Web App going anywhere anytime soon, as it will remain live for the longevity of FIFA 22, before changing to a FIFA 23 edition in September 2022.

What Is Available On The FIFA 22 Web App?

You can do pretty much whatever you wish in the app, apart from playing games.

You can manage your squad, open packs and, most importantly, access the transfer market in order to get trading.

Hitting the market early is crucial to any success you're going to have in the FIFA year, so don't just restrict yourself to console trading, make sure you utilise the Web App & the Companion App as much as you can.

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