FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: Latest News, Female Pros Confirmed, Next-Gen Leaks, Predictions, Rumours & Everything You Need to Know

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We've officially entered the twilight of FIFA 21, with fans now preparing themselves for yet another release of the EA Sports favourite.

FIFA 22 will land in the autumn, with a host of game modes set to return to the classic footballing sim.


Pro Clubs is undoubtedly the most sociable mode on offer, and we're hoping to see some big improvements in time for FIFA 22.

Here is everything we know so far.

Latest News

Female Pros Confirmed

FIFA 22 will feature customisable female players in Pro Clubs for the first time, EA has confirmed.

You can learn more here.

Next Gen Features Leaked

FIFA 22 is set to be the first full FIFA release since the launch of the next-gen consoles last November.


Whilst there was an updated next gen version of FIFA 21 available, the range of updated game modes and features were limited.

Pro Clubs has been crying out for a big update for a good number of years now, and if recent leaks are anything to go by, it looks as though we could see significant changes this October.

Join the party late? Fear not, as you can jump in the stands and watch your mates bring the W home!

EA Play Live

We've been given little information as far as FIFA 22 is concerned, but that will change before the month is out.

EA Play Live will be taking place across July, with FIFA news expected on Thursday, July 22nd.

Only time will tell if Pro Clubs is on the agenda, but whatever EA deliver, we'll be on hand to give you all details.


FIFA 22 will arrive in the autumn, with the title expected to hit the market at some point between the end of September and the beginning of October.

A release date between September 24th and October 8th has been touted, with Pro Clubs expected to be available from day one.

Get preparing your squads, as it's almost time to begin that quest for Division One!



Pro Clubs isn't the main mode for many FIFA players, though it is one that a big proportion of the FIFA community enjoys due to its sociable nature.

With that said, EA has failed to make any significant changes to the mode in recent editions of the footballing sim.

Minor customisation upgrades are applied year on year, but there's only so many boots and haircut combinations that you can trail before you get bored.

We're hoping for some significant changes to the gameplay this year in order to bring the Pro Clubs scene back to the forefront of our Friday evening fun.


Here is what we are hoping to see in Pro Clubs in FIFA 22.


In-Game Substitutions

Now, this is something that Pro Clubs fanatics have been asking for for years, and we're hoping to finally see it implemented in FIFA 22.

There's nothing worse than joining up with your mates 30 seconds after they've started a game and having to sit and wait in the lobby whilst they enjoy the banter and bedlam that comes in a game of Pro Clubs.

This could be combated by allowing in-game substitutions to bring those latecomers onto the pitch after the match has begun. It wouldn't be the most revolutionary change that EA has made, but a significant one nonetheless.

New Game Modes

Now we're not asking for a Pro Clubs Weekend League (we couldn't imagine anything worse in all honesty) but a little more choice would be nice.

At present there are three modes that Pro Clubs users can choose between: Drop In, Divisions or Cups. All three have been around for a fair while now and we'd love to see EA spruce it up a little with some new game modes.


Some custom rules matches - similar to those seen in the FUT Friendlies mode in Ultimate Team - would be great fun for an evening session, whilst custom cup modes could also offer something a little different.