FIFA 22 Bundesliga POTM: Patrik Schick SBC Cheapest Solutions & Review

The Bundesliga Player of the Month for December has been officially revealed.

Bayer Leverkusen's Patrik Schick is the recipient of the final award of 2021, after registering eight goals and an assist for his side in the month of December.

Here is everything that you need to know about his limited-time SBC, including whether or not you should be looking to add this card to your collection.

POTM Schick Stats

Schick has been upgraded to an 86 OVR on this Player of the Month card, his third special card of the FIFA year.

87-rated shooting and dribbling lead the way as far as Schick's base statistics are concerned. There has been no change to his weak foot or skill moves, which remain at a 2* rating and 4* rating respectively.

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There has been no change to the rating of Schick's Headliner item following the release of this card, as Player of the Month appearances have no bearing on the rating of the dynamic item.

POTM Schick Requirement

EA Sports are asking for one squad in return for this 86-rated Player of the Month card.

The requirements for the said squad are as follows:

  • Bundesliga Players: Min 1
  • Team of the Week Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70

POTM Schick Expiry Date

Players will be allowed one month to decide whether or not they wish to complete this POTM Schick SBC.

The card will be available until Sunday, February 13th.

POTM Schick Cheapest Solutions

This Player of the Month Schick card will cost you somewhere in the region of 20-30,000 coins.

The cheapest solution for those looking to complete this card from scratch is as follows:

  • GK - 82 SIRIGU
  • LB - 83 GAYA
  • CB - 83 COATES
  • CB - 83 ACERBI
  • LM - 83 OCAMPOS
  • RM - 83 ASENSIO
  • CDM - 83 CANALES
  • CAM - 83 MUNAIN
  • ST - 79 SANCET (TOTW)

POTM Schick Review - Is It Worth It?

This isn't a card that will be used in any main Bundesliga sides, but it could be worth picking up for Bundesliga centre Seasonal Objectives.

The requirements are a little steep considering the card itself, but it's not the worst addition to the club if you have the fodder lying around spare.

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