FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Cheap Bundesliga Players For Your Starter Team

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With the Top 1000 Player Ratings having been released for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, FUT fans have been taking to social media to share their exciting new starter squad ideas.

As is the case every year, expect a number of cheap players to fit the meta early on, and be considered cheap beasts!


Here are some Bundesliga Cheap Beasts you can look to get early on.

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While GKs are a pretty standard position to fill in FUT, with only a handful of attributes, there are still only a number of players that will truly fit the bill for an unreal early shot-stopper!

Goalkeepers in the Bundesliga are pretty easy to come by, with a number of solid 82+ options. 82 Pavlenka offers a solid base standing at 6’7” in net.

83 Casteels features 5 stats that are 80+, with 84 Bürki and 85 Gulacsi both having very solid CB links for their respective clubs.



In any team, the defence is key, and in FUT, that’s no different, with capable CBs being a difference-maker in games.

Without a doubt, the Bundesliga looks to have some of the best starter defences money can buy. 78 Akanji and 79 Upamecano both have everything you need for a CB, both linking very well to the goalkeepers mentioned.

80 Klostermann looks to be a fan favourite already thanks to his 84 pace, with the Bayern pairing of 82 Lucas Hernandez and 82 Boateng also proving popular.


Full-Backs are a majorly important position in modern football, and FUT shouldn’t be much different, with full-backs needing to be quick, defensively adept as well as useful on the attack.

Continuing on from the incredible defensive options on offer, the full-backs aren’t too bad either!


On the right, 79 Mbabu and 80 Mukiele have things on lock with pace, strength and solid defending, while 80 Schulz & 80 Roussillon look like very strong left-sided full-backs to complete a backline.

Centre Midfielders

Your CMs and CDMs in FUT are the true workhorses of the team, so making sure you have strong players with stamina early on is key.

The incredible options in the Bundesliga don’t just stop in the defence, they carry on into the centre of midfield.

As far as CDM pairings go, you’ll struggle to find much better in the first week or two of FUT 21 than 83 Zakaria and 82 Laimer, both possessing incredible pace, with all-round defensive and passing stats for a midfielder.

If you’re looking for more box to box style CMs, 82 Can, 81 Delaney and 80 Tolisso look to be the pick of the punch, all with 70+ across all 6 card stats.

Centre Attacking Midfielders

The CAM role in FUT is predominantly a playmaking one, however, having agile players that can contribute with goals are great assets to an early squad.


Once again, the Bundesliga is full of great starter CAMs offering all the relevant playmaking abilities in the final third.

84 Brandt and 83 Sabitzer, despite being higher rated, shouldn’t be too expensive early on and have 80+ in all the key areas. 80 Nkunku and 78 Matheus Cunha will both be on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but both have solid dribbling, passing and shooting stats to assist your attackers.


Wingers early on in FUT are key in breaking down starter defences with pace and power, so having some threats out wide are advised.

Despite having great options all around the pitch up until now, the Bundesliga right-sided options are pretty few and far between. 82 Bellarabi looks to be the best card to use in an attacking system, with 79 Lazaro being better suited to more of a defensive winger role in a 352.

Left Wingers

Wingers early on in FUT are key in breaking down starter defences with pace and power, so having some threats out wide are advised.


Luckily, on the left side of the Bundesliga attack, you have a tonne of options to go for. 83 Hazard looks to be the number one pick, with perfect stats for early on, including 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot.

83 Kostic again perfectly fills a defensive winger role in a 352, but can also do a job going forward. If you’re looking for pure pace, 81 Diaby and 80 Bailey have 93 and 94 pace respectively.

Finally, 80 Thuram is more of a natural striker, so would perfectly fit a 4321 role coming inside from the left.


Goals win games in football, it’s as simple as that, so having natural goalscorers leading the line in your team will be vital.

Striking options for cheap in the Bundesliga may be limited, but certainly aren’t to be neglected.

While 82 Kramaric doesn’t have the pace that many look for, his 85 shooting and dribbling combo could be deadly against starter defences. If you’re looking for more traditional FUT strikers with pace, 79 Rashica and 78 Embolo look to be the best early options to go for!