FIFA 21: Team of the Season Replacement Confirmed Via New Loading Screen

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After a long six weeks, the Team of the Season promotion will be leaving FIFA 21 on Friday.

But fear not FIFA fans, as EA have revealed that there will be a brand new promotion heading to the game in it's place.

A new loading screen dropping into the FUT hub this evening, but what could be set to arrive?

Release Date

A Team of the Season replacement will be heading to FIFA 21 this Friday.

This evenings loading screen confirmed that it will land in Ultimate Team in its usual 6pm BST slot.

Loading Screen

So what exactly have EA revealed? Unfortuantely, not very much!

A never before seen loading screen arrived within Ultimate Team, but aside from the colourful design, there is no hints as to what the driving force behind the promo will be.

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Summer Heat was the promotion which arrived last year, again one which was met with a lot of vibrant colours, but not the colourway seen above.

Euro 2020

It's hard to look anywhere other than a Euro 2020 themed event, given that both would begin on exactly the same day, though unfortuantely there seems little chance of that happening.

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EA's rivals Konami secured exclusive rights to the tournament back in PES 2020, and those rights have continued over despite the COVID-19 delay to the tournament.

So don't get your hopes up FIFA fans, as Euro 2020 will not be heading to Ultimate Team this year.

Copa America

However one tournament which isn't exculsively owned by any of the major developers is the Copa America.

MESSI! Could we see another Lionel Messi card arrive?
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MESSI! Could we see another Lionel Messi card arrive?

The South American tournament will also begin this week, with the likes of Argentina, Brazil and Colombia vying for the title.

The colourful design is one that has a Samba festival feel to it and, with the Copa America being held in Brazil this year, all the pieces seem to fit together nicely.

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