FIFA 21: Sergio Ramos End Of An Era Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution

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Sergio Ramos will be plying his trade away from the Bernabeau next season.

Thats right, after 16 years in the Spanish capital, the 35-year-old has opted against a contract extension, instead opting for a fresh challenge as he enters the twilight of his career.


EA have honoured the legacy of the Spaniard with an End of an Era SBC, of which you have the choice of two versions of the serial winner.


This End of an Era Ramos went live in FIFA 21 at 6pm BST on Friday, June 25th.

The Real Madrid man will remain available for 30 days, expiring on Sunday, July 25th.

Requirements & Rewards

As we have already alluded to, EA have brought out two versions of the Spanish defender, one 98-rated CB card and one 96-rated RB card.

You'll have to submit six squads before you get to decide which card you will be picking up, with the requirements for all six as follows:


Rising Star

  • Sevilla Players: Minimum One
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 83
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 80
  • Reward: One Mixed Players Pack

El idolo del Bernabéu

  • Real Madrid Players: Minimum One
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 75
  • Reward: One Small Rare Mixed Players Pack

La Furia Roja

  • Spanish Players: Minimum One
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 65
  • Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack

League Legend

  • LaLiga Santander Players: Minimum One
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 60
  • Reward: One Prime Mixed Players Pack

87-Rated Squad

  • Squad Rating: Minimum 87
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 50
  • Reward: One Premium Gold Players Pack

89-Rated Squad

  • Squad Rating: Minimum 89
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 45
  • Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack

Who to Pick

This is one of the trickest decisions we've had all year.

Let's take a brief look at both.


98-Rated CB

The first option comes in the form of a 98-rated centre back card, the base stats for which are as follows:

  • Pace - 90
  • Shooting - 87
  • Passing - 91
  • Dribbling - 90
  • Defending - 98
  • Physicality 98

As you can see, theres quite literally nothing that this Ramos card can't do, with stats that could feasbily see the Spaniard playing in any outfield position on the pitch.

It's worth noting that this card has M/H work rates with 3* skills and a 3* weak foot.


96-Rated RB

Your alternative is a 96-rated right back card, one which focuses on the earlier stages of Ramos' career.

  • Pace - 94
  • Shooting - 81
  • Passing - 95
  • Dribbling - 91
  • Defending - 92
  • Physicality - 93

As you can see from the RB's base stats, this card falls short of the 98 version in defending, physicality and shooting but surpasses it in pace, dribbling and passing.

Don't fret over playing this card at CB either, as if it is linked correctly, you can still pick up an 8 OVR which is absolutely fine.


The Verdict

It really comes down to preference on this one.

Neither card is significantly better than the other, if you're a pace merchant then the RB card is the choice. If you can settle for a mere 90-rated pace, then we'd opt for the centre back.

You won't feel short changed with either though.

Cheapest Solution

We’re currently working on the cheapest solutions to this SBC.

We’ll update you with everything you need to know in due course.