FIFA 21: When Does Rulebreakers Team 2 Start? Date And Time For Rulebreakers In FUT 21

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FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Update - FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Team 2 Starts Today- October 30, click the link to find out the Release Date, our Predictions and more.

Original Story Follows - FIFA 21's next promotional event is called 'Rulebreakers'.


The new event has thrown a spanner in the otherwise predictable content calendar that was expected from EA Sports and their Ultimate Team mode.

As we get closer to Halloween, titles are celebrating this fascinating holiday in their own way.

FUT likes to get in on the act by promoting special boosted cards that wouldn't otherwise be obtainable through the year.

So when is Rulebreakers coming to FIFA 21? Here's what we know.


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When Is Rulebreakers In FIFA 21?

Rulebreakers will arrive in FUT 21 on the 23rd October 2020.

All promotional event drop on a Friday evening at 6pm BST.


A new event begins as a new one ends. Once Ones To Watch finishes, the new Rulebreakers event will begin.

This event is expected to last for two weeks, as all promotional events typically do.

Week 1 should feature Rulebreakers Team 1, as well as additional content such as SBCs and Objectives.

The following week will feature a very similar pattern, consisting of Rulebreakers Team 2, as well as additional content such as SBCs and Objectives.


Until EA confirm all of the details, nothing is for certain however, this is purely speculative at this point.

Be sure to check back regularly for the latest information!