FIFA 21: Player Moments Matt Doherty - Release Date, Full In-Game Ratings, SBC and Everything You Need to Know

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St Patricks Day has arrived in FIFA 21, but one card has failed to show up.

A Player Moments Matt Doherty has been added to a range of FIFA 21 content sites, but yet he has failed to appear in the game itself.

But where is he? And when can we expect his new card to appear in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team?

Player Moments Matt Doherty

The Spurs fullback is one of the shining stars in the Repubic of Ireland set up, and as a result, he was expected to feature as part of this year's St Paddy's Day content.

An 87-rated Doherty card has landed in FUTHEAD and FUTBIN, but for some reason he has yet to show up in Ultimate Team.

It's not the first time EA have made such a mistake - with Toni Kroos' Player Moments card suffering a similar fate earlier this year.

Here is everything you need to know about his card.


Despite an Ultimate Team no show, the full details of Doherty's card have been shared online.

Base Stats: 499

In-Game Stats: 2304

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Pace - 88

  • Acceleration: 84
  • Sprint Speed: 91

Shooting - 83

  • Positioning: 87
  • Finishing: 86
  • Shot Power: 86
  • Long Shots: 87
  • Volleys: 51
  • Penalties: 53

Passing - 79

  • Vision: 74
  • Crossing: 87
  • FK. Accuracy: 49
  • Short Passing: 84
  • Long Passing: 75
  • Curve: 68

Dribbling - 84

  • Agility: 76
  • Balance: 76
  • Reactions: 91
  • Ball Control: 88
  • Dribbling: 83
  • Composure: 80

Defending: 82

  • Interceptions: 82
  • Heading Accuracy: 89
  • Def. Awareness: 81
  • Standing Tackle: 84
  • Sliding Tackle: 81

Physicality - 83

  • Jumping: 86
  • Stamina: 98
  • Strength: 76
  • Aggression: 80

Release Date

We don't know exactly when this Doherty card will arrive in Ultimate Team, but it's likely to be very soon.

With the St Patricks day promotion only expected to last a day or two, we'd expect this to be released on Thursday, March 18.


The most likely route EA will take to implement this card into the game is via a limited-time SBC.

Player Moments Aiden McGeady has taken the Objectives menu spot, and given the ratings, EA are likely to want a fee for this card.

Expected Cost

We expect this card to cost between 100-150k on the SBC market.


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