FIFA 21: One Last Dance SBC Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

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A Champions League SBC has been added to FIFA 21's Ultimate Team!

With the Champions League starting up again, UEFA themed SBCs are now popping up in-game.


This SBC will offer players an untradable 'Small Rare Gold Players Pack'.

Let's take a look at the best solution.

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The 'One Last Dance' SBC went live on the 21st October at 6 pm BST.

It is set to expire on Monday 23rd October at 5.59pm BST.

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To complete this SBC you will need to submit the following squad:

  • 1 player from Portugal
  • 1 player from Argentina
  • Max 3 from the same nation
  • 9 rare players
  • Team rating of 65
  • 85 chemistry
  • 11 players in the team

Cheapest Solution

The SBC is going to cost roughly 2,000-4,000 coins from scratch.

With such easy requirements, your SBC fodder in your club can likely keep this under 1,500 coins.

  • DIAZ (GK)
  • BALDA (CM)
  • PATO (ST)

Solution Tips

The chemistry for this SBC is quite high, so you'll need to ensure you pick a league or nation-based theme to complete it.

As the team rating is only 65, you can rely on using mainly bronze players to fill out the squad.


You can opt to use Gold players if you have lots of SBC fodder lying around, but that could be used for other SBCs in the future.

Pick a league that is less obvious and you should be able to do this pretty cheap.

To reach the team rating, you'll need the following player ratings (or equivalent):

  • 1 x 75 rated player
  • 1 x 67 rated player
  • 3 x 64 rated players
  • 1 x 63 rated player
  • 1 x 62 rated player
  • 2 x 61 rated players
  • 2 x 60 rated players

These prices may rise over the next few days.

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So is it worth it? Sometimes it can be hard to justify an untradable pack, but considering how cheap this can be done for it's certainly worth a go to try your luck.

Especially if you bag a UCL player for the UEFA Marquee matchups.

That will result in more packs and even more profit.