FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: How To Change Club Name In FUT 21 And How To Change It Multiple Times

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team gives you the chance to customise your club the way you want.

From your Stadium to your kits - everything can be made to fit your style.

But that means nothing without a killer name to back it up!


Here's how to change your FUT 21 club name.

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How To Change Club Name In FIFA 21

In order to change a club name, you should navigate the Objectives menu as you'll usually get a small reward as part of 'The Basics' set.

To find 'The Basics' set, head to the Foundations tab. Once you've found your way there, you should see an objective called 'Change Club Name'.

Hover over the objective and you should be able to press either Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation.

This will then take you to Change Club Name menu and allow you to put in any team name you desire.

If you're struggling for a good team name, why not try one of our suggestions here.

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YOUR CLUB: Make your club your own

Once done, you'll be able to claim the reward (likely to be 150 coins, as was the case in FUT 20) and help you on your way to completing the Group Reward.


How To Change Your Club Name Multiple Times In FIFA 21

Be sure to pick your team name carefully as there is no option to change the club name after your complete the objective.

If you really want to change your club name, we recommend starting a new FUT account on a new profile.

In past FIFA games, you were able to delete your club and start again; allowing you to rename it. Last year, it was reported that this did not do anything.

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How Many Times Can You Change Your Club Name In FIFA 21

You can only change your club name once. When you change it, it can't be changed again for that club.

If you can delete your club and change it once you remake the club, you can only do this four times.

It is reportedly possible to speak to an EA Advisor about resetting the limit.