FIFA 21 Festival of FUTball LIVE: Path to Glory Team 2 Released, Ratings, Upgrades, Expiry Dates & Everything You Need to Know

It's time to start celebrating international football!

The Team of the Season is offically over, but fear not, as the Festival of FUTball has officially begun!

Team 1 has left packs this evening, being replaced by an equally incredibly Team 2.

Here is everything you need to know.

Latest News - Festival of FUTball is LIVE!

Team 2 Arrives

We've entered the second week of the Festival of FUTball, which means we've got a brand new squad to look at.

Three 95-rated players in the form of Eden Hazard, Roberto Firmino and Paul Pogba lead the way. Though a 93-rated Joao Felix is guaranteed to be worth a few quid!

The full squad can be seen below.

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Team 1 Released

It's go-time!

Football fans the worldover are awaiting the beginning of Euro 2020, which begins today, some 12 months later than planned.

But that's not the main story in the esports footballing world, as the Festival of FUTball is now live!

Team 1 of the Path to Glory setup has arrived, and you can find the full squad below.

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Path to Glory Returns

The countdown to the Festival of FUTball has entered its final 24 hours, with more and more information becoming available.

We now have confirmation that the Path to Glory upgrades will be returning, which sticks with the IRL theme of the promotion.

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As seen in the likes of the Headliners and the What If promotions, players will be rewarded for winning games in their respective international tournaments.

6 wins guarantees 5*/5* too!


The Festival of FUTball will begin at 6pm BST on Friday, June 11th.

As things stand, we are unsure as to whether this will be a one week promotion, or whether it will last a little longer.

What to Expect

With the domestic season over, we're expecting plenty of international based cards throughout this promotion.

Euro 2020

The exclusive rights to the Euro 2020 tournament are held by Konami - producers of the PES franchise of games - which means the name, logo and any direct links cannot be used by EA Sports in the FUT mode.

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That said, EA are still able to use the players and their nations, with a performance based upgrade still on the cards. So expect to see the top performing European players rewarded in this promotion, even if the name Euro 2020 isn't linked.

Copa America

The Copa America also begins this week, with the top performing nations from South America taking to Brazil to compete for the title.

Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are amongst the favourites for the Copa title. So whilst we can expect to see a Harry Kane or two from the Euro release, don't be suprised to see Lionel Messi and co spring up from their international tournament.

MOTM Themed Card

Again, as it is a new promotion, we can't be sure exactly what to expect. But that hasn't stopped the rumour mill from circulating.

ITK FUT creator FutSpy has taken to Twitter to discuss the new MOTM-themed selection process for those appearing in the FoF promotion.

As mentioned in the tweet, it appears as though it will be a performance based promotion, but rather than the +1 upgrade that we would see on a regular Man of the Match card, it will be an upgrade of two, three or maybe even four ratings.

This makes the cards much more valuable and, at this late stage of FIFA, it would be a move that would make sense given the highly rated Team of the Season cards that are currently on the market.

Daily SBCs

Another rumour that we have seen is the Daily SBCs that are believed to be arriving as part of Friday's launch.

In keeping with the IRL theme, these SBCs would be centered around games taking place in the respective tournaments that day - in a similar vein to the Marquee Matchups promotion.

The rewards would likely in the form of packs rather than cards, but at this late stage of FIFA, who knows.

Flashback SBCs

One area that we expect to see EA tap into is the Flashback promotion.

We've seen plenty of Flashback cards throughout the year, most recently a Flashback Carlos Tevez following his retirement from football, and we'd be suprised if we didn't see more over the course of the next seven days.

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Flashback's to top perfoming players from recent international competitions could well be on the cards, for instance a 93-rated card celebrating Marco Gotze's World Cup winning goal in 2014.

As always, we'll update you with more information on this promotion as soon as we get it so be sure to stay tuned on the Festival of FUTball hub for everything you need to know.

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