FIFA 21: Title Update #3 Patch Notes

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With FIFA 21 now available worldwide, players are getting stuck into this year's action.

Title Update #3 has landed on PC and brings in huge changes for the game


As listed on the FIFA forums by EA Community Manager EA_GZaro, this update changes many things.

FIFA 21 Title Update #3 Patch Notes


Addressed the following issues:

  • When viewing replays during a match played with Artificial Turf enabled, some kits were incorrectly displaying.
  • Inconsistent capitalization of some player names.
  • When selecting a Kick-Off VOLTA FOOTBALL 5 vs 5 match, the Miami and New York stadiums were incorrectly available.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Made the following changes:

  • Added the ability to see all owned Position Modifiers when applying a Position Modifier consumable on a selected Player Item.
  • Added a shortcut to Transfer Targets on the Squad Transfer Market screen.
  • Added a UI indicator to note which Kit is already selected in Stadium customization Match Kit.

Addressed the following issues:

  • After using Buy Now on an Item on the Transfer Market, and selecting the option to Assign the Item, the player was incorrectly sent to a limited version of the Transfer Market page that the Item was won on.
  • When attempting to scroll back to the first option on the Play menu, after scrolling to the last one, the first pair of options would get stuck off-screen.
  • When swapping Player Items on the Squad Transfer Market screen after adjusting a bid on the radial menu, the option to make a Bid lost functionality.
  • After scoring a goal, the FUT Player Item that displays on the pitch was sometimes missing letters and/or numbers.
  • When a Player Item was selected on the Squad screen, and the player tabbed over to the Club screen, using the Preview Selection resulted in the originally selected Player Item being deselected.
  • After completing a Squad Building Challenge with an Item reward in FUT, the player was not taken directly to the New Items screen.
  • The on-screen elements that displayed following the completion of a Squad Building Challenge did not run at the correct speed.
  • In Co-Op Squad Battles, the Captain would see the second player’s Club Badge in the Pause menu instead of the opposing team’s.
  • Objectives screens were displaying at a slower than expected speed.
  • The Club Badge was displayed as a grey placeholder image on the Single Player Draft pre-match screen.
  • The Training Celebration displayed an incorrect preview animation in the Customize Stadium screen.
  • Division Rivals Placement progress earned through Squad Battles did not display on the Division Rivals menu.
  • In the Co-Op Lobby, the selected mode sometimes took longer than expected to load.
  • A stability issue could sometimes occur when listing a Tifo from the Customize Stadium menu.
  • When a Co-Op invite was accepted from a player who is not a mutual friend, the player who accepted was taken out of FUT.
  • After scoring a goal, the FUT Player Item that displays on the pitch would sometimes have extra text underneath it.
  • No image was present when claiming Division Rivals rewards.
  • Updated incorrect button callouts on the Team Objective screen.
  • Instances of the Stadium lighting turning off when browsing the menus.
  • In some cases, Rare Items would be too bright when selected on the Transfer Market.
  • Addressed certain Co-Op stability issues that could sometimes occur.
  • Various improvements to some Celebrations and pack walkout animations.
  • Addressed a rare desync issue when playing Co-Op Squad Battles.
  • Update screen flow after redeeming a Coin Boost.
  • Removed End Co-Op Session button callout for Solo players.
  • Addressed instances of some Attributes being different between FIFA players and FUT Player Items.
  • Updated several button callouts across multiple menus.


Made the following changes:

  • Increased Competitor Mode difficulty. This change is most impactful when the CPU AI is defending counter-attacks
    • Competitor Mode is present for Legendary and Ultimate difficulty levels.
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes for a player to recover from a block animation.
  • Contextual Agile Dribbling now maintains a slightly longer distance to the opponent in order to improve manoeuvrability.
  • Slowed down the Elastico Skill Move.
    • The impact of this change is most noticeable when the Elastico is chained multiple times.
  • Following a Directed Run, Body Feints and Knock Ons are disabled for some frames of animation in order to prevent button conflicts.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Player Lock would stick to one player for the duration of a match if the setting was turned off mid-use during a match.
  • In some situations, when requesting a shot inside the box, the request would rarely result in a tackle.
  • When using Auto Position while playing as the Goalkeeper, the Goalkeeper would continuously make movements and lose stamina.
  • Through Passes would sometimes result in a short pass in inappropriate situations.
  • Sometimes, a player would kick the ball into the ground during a cross, resulting in a poor cross attempt.
  • The inputs required for an Instant Hard Tackle now need to be pressed within a shorter window of time, in order to avoid a button conflict with Secondary Contain.
  • Improved the logic for determining when the player is requesting a Jockey versus a shoulder challenge or seal out.
  • Addressed some instances of a ball touch being missed during a Strafe or Agile Dribble.
  • Sometimes a requested clearance would result in the ball trajectory going in an unintended direction.
  • In some instances, players would unnecessarily perform a stretching pass animation.
  • Made adjustments to receiver selection for Through Passes, to result in more desirable receiver targets.
  • Rarely, when requesting a Cross, the correct receiver was not targeted, resulting in the ball going out of bounds.
  • Improved touches during a Skill Move when the ball carrier is being physically contested by the opponent.
  • In rare situations following a deflection, the ball could get stuck on the goal frame.
  • In some situations, a requested pass would not happen when the ball carrier and the opponent were physically contesting.
  • The ball would sometimes have an unrealistic vertical trajectory in situations where two players contested a header.
  • A player’s arm could sometimes get stuck in a goal net after falling inside.
  • Sometimes, the following Skill Moves would not be consistently performed as requested:
    • Sombrero Flick.
    • Step Overs when standing.
    • The combination of the Ball Roll into the Scoop Turn.
  • Sometimes, Skill Moves were not being performed if they were immediately requested after the ball carrier finished turning.
  • Flicking the right stick while in the process of receiving the ball would sometimes cause the next Skill Move request to be unresponsive.
  • Sometimes, players would not follow the optimal running route when approaching the ball for a shot or pass, resulting in an unresponsive action.
  • Addressed some instances of the player running over the ball before performing a requested cross, resulting in an unresponsive action.

Career Mode

Made the following changes:

  • Added Hungary, Bulgaria, and Iceland to the Youth Scouting Map.

Addressed the following issues:

  • The Captain would sometimes complain about losing captaincy when being rested for a Cup Match.
  • Addressed a grammatical error during Player Negotiations.
  • Text would overlap on the Development Tile for players with a nickname.
  • Removed the non-functional D-Pad Tactics UI from Player Career Mode as it was causing button conflicts.
  • When editing the Manager, some hair accessories would sometimes not display a thumbnail image.
  • Improved harsh in-game lighting that could occur when entering a match from the Interactive Match sim.
  • After transfer listing a player and delegating their contract renewal, the player could not be removed from the Transfer List.
  • Addressed some instances of Development Plans not showing as completed despite enough time passing.
  • Some Board Objectives were incorrectly being progressed during Pre Season Tournaments.
  • Addressed stability issues which could rarely occur during Post Match Interviews.
  • Adjusted the team rating star colour when replacing teams in the UEFA Europa League.
  • Addressed various visual-only menu issues.
  • On some occasions, competition branding from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League would remain in the menus after being viewed through the Calendar or Weekly Schedule.
  • Contract delegations were not using the correct Negotiations logic.
  • Addressed some instances of fixture congestion in the Bundesliga.
  • A club’s default Captain was indicated by a UI element on the Interactive Match Sim Fitness and Ratings screens instead of the currently selected Captain.
  • Improved transition between Negotiation scenes and the menu.
  • Improved lighting in some Negotiation scenes.
  • Players were sometimes asking for contract renewals despite already signing a contact in that same season.
  • Sometimes, the wrong team name was displayed on the News tile.
  • Wage limits were not increasing when the Manager controlled team gained promotion.
  • A controller disconnect would not pause the match in the Interactive Match Sim.
  • When playing as a goalkeeper in Player Career, AI teammates were playing at the Legendary difficulty setting even when a lower one was selected.
  • After entering the match through the Interactive Sim, with controllers assigned to each side, a controller disconnect resulted in the corresponding team becoming inactive.
  • Addressed a rare stability issue in Player Career.
  • Players who were recently transferred into the club were unable to be loaned out.
  • Sometimes, in-game group celebrations would not happen as requested.
  • Addressed incorrect referee selection in pre-season tournaments.Various stability improvements.

Pro Clubs

Addressed the following issues:

  • Text to speech did not function correctly in Pro Clubs matches.
  • In Pro Clubs, the Pitch and Kits preview was missing from the Tactics tile when using Arabic.
  • The default players in the LF and RF positions had an OVR of 75 instead of 80 when using the 3-4-2-1 formation.
  • After completing a match and selecting Play Next Match, the available Skill Points were not visible on the Searching For Match screen.
  • The 2D player portrait did not display on the Match Facts screen.
  • Improved lighting in Pro Clubs matches.


Made the following changes:

  • Music now plays during matches played in the VOLTA STADIUM.
  • When a new Featured Battles event starts while the player is already in the Featured Battles menu, the player will be taken to the main menu and receive a message explaining that the new event has begun.
  • Added an on-screen indicator while Drop-In matchmaking is in progress.

Addressed the following issues:

  • The menu was briefly active while searching for a Drop-In match.
  • VOLTA COINS were not displaying in the Gear Up menu when it was accessed through Squad Management.
  • In some locations, the PA Announcer and music were too quiet.
  • The Player Growth Overall UI was incorrectly sized on the post-match screens.
  • Sometimes, the same Objective would display multiple times on the Milestone Progress screen following match completion.
  • Sometimes, the menu would display incorrect button callouts and greyed out options following a controller disconnect.
  • Updated the placeholder image that was present when hovering over Mbappé in a match lobby.
  • The Defending Novice Skill Game would get stuck in an endless loop if the ball went out of bounds.
  • Addressed a stability issue which could sometimes occur during a Featured Battles match.
  • During a celebration, an AI teammate would sometimes move erratically.
  • In the Net Flicks Skill Game, the player-controlled Avatar would make an automatic pass on the first attempt after a retry.
  • In the Net Flicks Skill game, an AI player would sometimes prevent the Skill Game from being completed by moving the ball to an area out of play.
  • Controls conflict on mouse and keyboard controls after using the one-button option.
  • The event timer now displays days instead of hours where appropriate.

Audio, Visual, General

Made the following change:

  • Added 1 Manager Star Head.
  • Updated some broadcast packages, kits, stadiums, scenes, and audio.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, menu music did not play following a forfeit in Online Seasons.
  • Addressed an issue causing visual corruption during a pre-match scene that impacted Liverpool when playing at Anfield.
  • Addressed an issue causing squares to display on the Player Performance screen found in a match pause menu.
  • A player in the background would sometimes twitch during booking scenes.
  • Sometimes, goalkeeper animations would become visually corrupted for a few frames of the animation when doing a save, this was visual only.
  • Sometimes, the transition animations between a fall and a landing would become corrupted for a few frames of the animation, this was visual only.
  • Addressed issues with Alvaro Morata’s signature celebration.
  • Various stability improvements.