FIFA 21 Title Update 11.1 Patch Notes: PC Fixes

FIFA 21's Title Update 11.1 is here, and it makes a very specific change to the game.

It essentially removes placeholder graphics that players may have spotted during certain matchday situations – so don't expect any particularly sizeable downloads, and it appears the fix was only required for PC.

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FIFA 21 Title Update 11.1 Patch Notes

As per a new post on the official FIFA forums:

"The latest Title Update is now available on the PC (Origin/Steam) version of FIFA 21 and removes the placeholder graphics that could have been visible when playing matches with the Input Overlay setting turned on."

Pretty self-explanatory then, with no gameplay tweaks or rebalancing in sight.

Still, the recent Update #10 did fix plenty in both Ultimate Team and Career Mode, while also updating some kits, balls, and stadia. Find the full patch notes for that here.

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