FIFA 21 Showdown #3: Milner vs McTominay Reviews, Predictions, Fixture Information, Upgrade Information & More

The 3rd FUT Showdown SBC has been released in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, featuring a top of the table clash in the Premier League, with James Milner of Liverpool going against Scott McTominay’s Manchester United.

These 2 SBCs have the potential to upgrade by +2 if their team wins the matchup, with a +1 upgrade to both cards occurring in the event of a draw.

Here’s all the information regarding how Showdown SBCs work, the Milner and McTominay SBCs, all the fixture information, as well as some predictions and upgrade potential for both cards.

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How Do Showdown SBCs Work?

Showdown SBCs are a very simple, but very clever concept, that rely on real world footballing fixtures and results to determine upgrades to cards.

To start off, 2 cards are released as Showdown SBCs for a limited time for an upcoming fixture, usually pitting two relatively equally matched teams against each other that have an interesting or important fixture upcoming.

FUT players can complete both SBCs if they wish if the cards are heavily upgraded from their base versions, or they can ‘bet’ on which teams they think will win the fixture by completing their SBC in hope of a further upgrade.

Once the SBC expires and the game is played, the Showdown SBC cards receive upgrades based on the result of the fixture.

For the team that wins the fixture, the corresponding Showdown SBC card in game will receive a +2 OVR Upgrade, further boosting the card to new heights, while the card from the team that lost will remain the same rating.

If the fixture results in a draw, then both cards will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade.

Given the Showdown SBCs already have a boost on the base version of their cards, the fact that there are even more boosts up for grabs make the concept very exciting and engaging!

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Milner & McTominay SBC Requirements

Here are the SBC costs and requirements for both Milner & McTominay

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James Milner - 85 CM - Liverpool

Here’s all the information regarding Milner’s Showdown SBC.

Release Date: 6pm Tuesday 12th JanuaryExpiry Date: 6am Sunday 17th January

SBC Requirements:

  • SQUAD 1: Liverpool Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 83 | Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • SQUAD 2: England Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • SQUAD 3: In-Form Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 65

Estimated Price: 200,000 Coins

Scott McTominay - 85 CDM - Manchester United

Here’s all the information regarding McTominay’s Showdown SBC.

Release Date: 6pm Tuesday 12th JanuaryExpiry Date: 6am Sunday 17th January

SBC Requirements: 

  • SQUAD 1: Manchester United Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 83 | Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • SQUAD 2: Premier League Players: Min 1 | In-Form Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 83 | Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • SQUAD 3: In-Form Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 70

Estimated Price: 175,000 Coins

Milner & McTominay Reviews

With both SBCs coming around the 200,000 coin mark as an untradeable, we can say with confidence that these are the most expensive Showdown SBCs we’ve seen to date, and in a very popular league with a lot of great central midfield options already, Milner and McTominay don’t look to be the best value.

Starting off with James Milner, we have a 200,000 coin untradeable SBC with no real standout statistics whatsoever. He may be well rounded, but average pace, below 80 agility and balance, below 80 defensive awareness and average passing stats for a card of his price doesn’t scream great value. He may benefit from a +2 boost if Liverpool win the tie, but being the same price as N’Golo Kante begs the question as to whether he’ll be as good as the Frenchman in game.

Moving on to Scott McTominay, who’s a little cheaper, coming in closer to 175,000 coins. Being 7 inches taller with far better physical and defensive statistics, McTominay is very much suited to being a pure defensive midfield presence, and could do a good job there. However, as was the case with Milner, are there more usable tradeable options for a fraction of the price? When you consider Pogba’s base card is less than half the price, if you’re looking for a tall, strong midfielder in the Premier League, could he be a better option?

Liverpool vs Manchester United Fixture Information

The two Premier League table toppers go head to head on Sunday 17th January, with kick-off at 16:30 UK time at Anfield, with Liverpool on a near 70 game unbeaten run at home in the Premier League.

The SBCs will expire before kick-off, likely expiring in the early hours of Sunday morning before all the team sheets and information is released, so be sure to get your predictions in and complete any SBCs beforehand!

Liverpool vs Manchester United Prediction

In previous seasons, we’d argue that Liverpool vs Manchester United would be a relatively open and closed case, with Klopp’s men the favourites on many occasions, however this season, anything goes really in the Premier League.

Manchester United are certainly the in-form team, winning 4 of their last 5 Premier League games, while Liverpool are without a win in their last 3.

The Anfield atmosphere and Liverpool’s unbeaten home record across the last 3 years certainly can’t be understated, but could this rejuvenated Manchester United team be the one to break the unbeaten home run?

It’s certainly a tight one to call, and there’s a good chance that Manchester United’s recent run of form and the Liverpool home record could cancel each other out, resulting in a Draw, which is what we’re going to predict as the final result of this one.

Upgrade Information

To finish off, let’s look at the upgrade potential of both cards.

Remember, for the player on the winning team, they will receive a +2 OVR upgrade, with the loser receiving no upgrade. In the event of a draw, then both players will receive a +1 OVR upgrade.

This graphic from Twitter user @HelmarDesigns shows us what we could be in for in the event that either team wins, with both Milner and McTominay in the running for 87 rated upgraded cards.

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