FIFA 21 Showdown #1: Coquelin vs Acuna Reviews, Predictions, Fixture Information, Upgrade Information & More

The first FUT Showdown SBC has been released into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, and it features Villarreal’s Francis Coquelin and Sevilla’s Marcos Acuna.

Showdown SBCs were a massively popular concept that was introduced back in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and allows SBC cards to upgrade based on real-life fixtures and results.

Here’s all the information regarding how Showdown SBCs work, the Coquelin and Acuna SBCs, all the fixture information, as well as some predictions and upgrade potential for both cards.

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How Do Showdown SBCs Work?

Showdown SBCs are a very simple, but very clever concept, that rely on real world footballing fixtures and results to determine upgrades to cards.

To start off, 2 cards are released as Showdown SBCs for a limited time for an upcoming fixture, usually pitting two relatively equally matched teams against each other that have an interesting or important fixture upcoming.

FUT players can complete both SBCs if they wish if the cards are heavily upgraded from their base versions, or they can ‘bet’ on which teams they think will win the fixture by completing their SBC in hope of a further upgrade.

Once the SBC expires and the game is played, the Showdown SBC cards receive upgrades based on the result of the fixture.

For the team that wins the fixture, the corresponding Showdown SBC card in-game will receive a +2 OVR Upgrade, further boosting the card to new heights, while the card from the team that lost will remain the same rating.

If the fixture results in a draw, then both cards will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade.

Given the Showdown SBCs already have a boost on the base version of their cards, the fact that there are even more boosts up for grabs make the concept very exciting and engaging!

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Coquelin & Acuna SBC Requirements

Here are the SBC costs and requirements for both Coquelin and Acuna.

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Francis Coquelin - 85 CM - Villarreal

Here’s all the information regarding Coquelin’s Showdown SBC.

Release Date: 6pm Saturday 26th December Expiry Date: 6pm Monday 28th December

SBC Requirements:SQUAD 1: France Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 70SQUAD 2: La Liga Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 86 | Team Chemistry: Min 50

Estimated Price: 240,000 Coins

Marcos Acuna - 86 LB - Sevilla

Here’s all the information regarding Acuna’s Showdown SBC.

Release Date: 6pm Saturday 26th December Expiry Date: 6pm Monday 28th December

SBC Requirements:SQUAD 1: La Liga Players: Min 1 | IF Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 83 | Team Chemistry: Min 80SQUAD 2: Argentina Players: Min 1 | IF Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 85 | Team Chemistry: Min 70

Estimated Price: 160,000 Coins

Coquelin & Acuna Reviews

Before their upgrades, both SBCs look like decent cards to go ahead and pick up, however one is a certainly better value than the other.

Coquelin is definitely on the pricier end at nearly 250k to complete, and while he may easily be worth that as an 87, as an 85 currently there are some question marks. While he’s a solid all-round card, with 5 card stats over 80, he’s not really a standout in any area, and may not stand up to the same levels of Kante who’s only slightly more expensive.

Acuna looks to be slightly more worthwhile for 160k. Yes, he has stiff competition from Mendy for the LB spot in La Liga, but with a position change into the midfield, Acuna looks deadly from the get-go on his 86 rated card. 4* skills with high pace, great dribbling and physical stats, very good passing and solid defending mean he can play in both the defence, but also in the midfield as a CDM. With a +2 upgrade to an 88, he could be an incredible player!

Sevilla vs Villarreal Fixture Information

The two Spanish teams face off on Tuesday, December 29th at 16:00 UK time, at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium.

Naturally, the SBCs expire before the match kicks off, so get in your predictions and complete the SBCs before they expire at 6pm on Monday 28th!

Sevilla vs Villarreal Prediction

It’s a battle of 4th vs 6th in La Liga, with Sevilla 3 points behind Villarreal with 2 games in hand currently.

Villarreal are unbeaten in their last 5, however, have only taken away all 3 points in one of those games, with Sevilla winning 3 out of their last 5, losing only to Real Madrid this month.

The odds are in Sevilla’s favour, with betting companies tipping them at 1/1, with Villarreal at 11/4, however, we know football is a crazy game and can go either way.

While everything may point towards a Sevilla win, it’s worth noting that they haven’t beaten the visitors in La Liga since November 2017, and actually lost 2-1 in the same fixture last season in the 19-20 campaign.

Both sides look to be struggling with injuries with Vaclik, Escudero and potentially Fernando all looking to be out for Sevilla, with ironically, Coquelin out for Villarreal, as well as Iborra, Alcacer, Alberto Moreno and Carlos Bacca also sidelined.

All in all, it’s a very tight game to call, but nevertheless, we’re going to back the Europa League Champions given their recent form and slightly smaller injury list!

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Upgrade Information

To finish off, let’s look at the upgrade potential of both cards.

Remember, for the player on the winning team, they will receive a +2 OVR upgrade, with the loser receiving no upgrade. In the event of a draw, then both players will receive a +1 OVR upgrade.

This graphic from Twitter user @FUT_Icon_Trader shows us what we could be in for in the event that either team wins, and boy do the cards look tasty.

As with our prediction, he and his community have also predicted a Sevilla win!

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