FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 2: All Available Rewards & Best Way To Spend Your 18 Tokens

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Icon Swaps 2 has been officially released into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, with a whole new set of icons available to work towards, as well as big value packs and icon packs available for FUT players.

Here are all the available rewards you can get in Icon Swaps Set 2, as well as the best possible combinations and ways you can spend your 18 possible tokens.

To view all the Objectives you’ll have to complete, you can check out our Icon Swaps Set 2 News piece, with all the latest updates.

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Icon Swaps Set 1 Rewards Confirmed

The first Icon Swaps Set of the year has been released, with 6 icons available to work towards, and a number of pack rewards available to complete!

  • 2 Tokens - 81+ x25 Pack
  • 3 Tokens - 82+ x25 Pack
  • 5 Tokens - 83+ x25 Pack
  • 7 Tokens - 91 Deco
  • 8 Tokens - Base Icon Pack
  • 9 Tokens - Mid Icon Pack
  • 9 Tokens - 89 Cole
  • 10 Tokens - Mid OR Prime Icon Pack
  • 11 Tokens - 91 Overmars
  • 12 Tokens - Prime Icon Pack
  • 13 Tokens - 89 Blanc
  • 14 Tokens - 91+ Prime Icon Pack
  • 15 Tokens - 87 Butragueno
  • 16 Tokens - Prime or Moments Icon Pack
  • 17 Tokens - 94 Baggio
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Best Combination Of Rewards

In our opinion, the big value from Icon Swaps Set 2 definitely comes from the pack rewards at the lower end.

With 18 Tokens, you’ll be able to obtain 81+ x25 Pack (2 Tokens), 82+ x25 Pack (3 Tokens), 83+ 25x Pack (5 Tokens) AND a Base Icon Pack (8 Tokens).

With big promotions set to arrive soon in FUT 21, having a number of big packs that could return high rated cards and also promo cards will be very valuable.

If you’re more interested in Icon Packs, the best way to go maybe to select the Prime or Moments Icon Pack for 16 tokens, before finishing off with the 81+ x25 pack for 2 tokens.

The value this offers with Moments Icons also available will be massive, and may drop some incredible rewards!

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