FIFA 21 Icon Moments Hub: Release Dates, Ratings, Card Designs, Dynamic Images And All You Need To Know

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Prime Icon Moments will be arriving TODAY in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, with the most powerful versions of icons set to be released into FUT, alongside Icon Swaps Set 2.

Being the highest rated and best versions of Icons, expect these cards to be in high demand, fetching a high price at auction on the FUT transfer market.

Here’s all the latest news regarding all the release dates and times, the Icon Moments card designs, all the dynamic images and potential ratings, and plenty more!

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Icon Moments Release Dates

As confirmed by multiple sources, including the Icon Swaps Set 2 loading screen, code updates, card design, dynamic images and the addition of Prime Icon Moments cards on the transfer market search filters, Icon Moments will be released into FUT on Friday 19th February!

Whether we’ll receive all 80 expected Icon Moments on this date remains to be seen, seeing as we received a staggered release of Prime Icons when they dropped in December.

Nevertheless, expect to see all available Prime Icon Moments released very shortly into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Icon Moments Ratings

With Icon Moments now being added into search parameters, we’ve been able to find out the ratings of all the Icon Moments cards in FUT 21.

In previous years, some cards have seen some ratings boosts of more than a +1, with some going up 2 or even 3 ratings, however this year, it would appear that all Icon Moments cards will be a +1 from the Prime Icon version.

Whether this is to make these cards more affordable on the market or for SBCs, or to take advantage of more tailored stat upgrades, we’ll have to wait and see!


Icon Moments Card Design

The Icon Moments card design has been revealed on Twitter, and this year it doesn’t look too dissimilar from the standard Prime Icon version it has to be said.

With that being said, the dynamic images which you can find below will certainly elevate the cards to look like the most premium, desirable icon cards in FUT 21.


Icon Moments Dynamic Images

The dynamic images for 80 icons have been found by a number of social media accounts, with some extraordinary-looking images selected, which will no doubt add a lot of value to some of these cards.

Here are all the dynamic images for Icon Moments cards found so far!