FIFA 21: How To Sell Consumables

FIFA 21 is a good game but has also made things more complicated than they should be, like making My Club harder to find than in previous installments.

It’s a real shame too since using My Club is the only way you can sell your consumables in FIFA 21, though at least they didn’t completely remove the option.

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FIFA 21: How To Sell Consumables

Now, if you want to make some extra coin, here’s how to sell your FIFA 21 consumables.

Once you’ve found the My Club section, go to Transfers part in the Ultimate Team menu.

Now that you’re in Transfers, select the Transfer List menu, where you will be brought to the section of things that can be sold.

In Transfer List, press the left analog stick so you can enter My Club, despite no option of this appearing, and then you can change the search type to consumables.

From there, select all of the consumables you plan on selling, and you can finally rid yourself of them in the Transfer market.

Selling consumables is one of the ways you can get some easy coins in FIFA 21, which you’ll need for more card packs and Icons.

You can also keep playing the game, which is fine, though we understand that constant grinding can be pretty tiresome, especially if it’s taking forever to get that Icon you want.

Despite all of that, football fans should still get a kick out of FIFA 21 thanks to its fairly solid gameplay.

There’s a lot to do in the game, even if some of that content involves getting rid of consumables for coins, but that’s just a lesser evil FIFA fans have gotten used to.

FIFA 21 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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