FIFA 21: EA Updates Fans On "EA Gate" Allegations

Following allegations last week of an EA employee selling FIFA Ultimate Team items to players, EA has offered an update on its ongoing investigation into the incident many are referring to as "EA Gate".

In a new blog post, EA has revealed that it found a "very small number" of accounts exhibiting what the publisher calls "questionable activity".

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FIFA 21: EA Updates Fans On "EA Gate" Allegations

“Regardless of these actions, we appreciate how concerning this is to all of our players, and we apologize for the impact of these improper grants within the community,” the post explains.

“We also appreciate how extremely annoying and frustrating it is that this practice might have come from within EA. We’re angry too.”

As part of the ongoing investigation, EA has suspended "content granting" - the method of sending non-tradeable content to players as part of promotions or in conjunction with events.

It's also used for testing purposes, where cards can be used to 

While we don't yet know how these rare cards were able to be disseminated in exchange for money, it's likely that it was tied to the "content granting" process - although that's yet to be confirmed.

"We have launched a rigorous investigation, narrowing how this may have happened and identifying those accounts which have received content through this illicit method," the post continues.

We'll await the results of EA's findings, of course, and update you in due course.

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