FIFA 21 Career Mode Leak Suggests Players Will Be Able To Set Their Own Transfer Budgets

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FIFA 21's career mode will allow players to select their own transfer budget, according to a new leak.

As revealed by @FIFAcareerVET (and shared by @FCMC_), players will be presented with the option when starting their save.


FIFA 21 Career Mode Budget Leak

Check out the images below:

In #FIFA21 you can now disable or change how much you want for your Financial Takeover!What do you think of this?
— Fifa CM Content (@FCMC_)
August 27, 2020

If true (and we have no reason to believe that the screenshots aren't legit), it means players jumping into a manager career mode will be able to request a nice influx of cash - especially if you opt for the £500 million!


Doing so would allow you to sign the world's best players from the off, as well as tying down existing players to a long-term, lucrative contract.

While FIFA's last few seasons have introduced more visual transfer negotiations, this is the first time we've been able to kick things off with a "blank cheque".

It's likely to help players build their "dream team", but feels a little too much like a "cheat code" for me, personally. I'll stick to clearing out a team's deadwood to fund my rebuild, but it's nice to have the option.