Virgin Media Gaming Hexathlon Weekly Update - 10/9/15

The home stretch!

The Virgin Media Gaming Hexathlon is in full swing. 246 members have signed up for the tournament thus far and over 400 games have been played across FIFA 15, Hearthstone and Super Smash Bros.

With the registration process set to close on Friday 18th September, there is still time for you to join the £5,000 competition and earn your place at the Grand Finals, held at EGX. To enter, simply go to and create a team.

As we approach the conclusion of the penultimate week of The Virgin Media Gaming Hexathlon, once again, two new faces have propelled themselves into the 7 EGX qualifier spots.

Professional FIFA player Tass and upcoming talent Muirhead95 currently occupy the 5th and 6th spots respectively, as KeepingCrane436 and RarestSolnum#2561 narrowly fall below the qualification quota.  

The remaining 5 spots at the head of the Hexathlon table have stayed in the hands of their previous occupants. 

Maintaining his reign for the third week in a row, Nova Stapez remains unscathed at the top of the ladder, with his outstanding 21 wins and 1,291 points.

Sitting in second place, Shadalz has surpassed ZacMoore11, as he secures an impressive 1,215 point total and an 11 point lead over his opponent.

xPoacher preserves his mid-table qualification position, as he sits comfortably in fourth place, 9 points behind his successor, ZacMoore, and 18 points ahead of his newest rival, Muirhead95.   

Below the top four, newcomers Muirhead95, Tass and veteran RavenHS are separated by a mere 9 points.

It’s all to play for as we approach the conclusion of The Virgin Media Gaming Hexathlon!

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