Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered by Domino's Week 3 Recap

Into the third week of action, and our Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's is starting to take shape in very intriguing ways. With consistent scorers delivering every week, we're starting to see familiar names leading the way at the top of the standings. But the wildcard of 1000 points for a Cup win means there's still plenty of room for movement up – and down – the tables. And for many players, it isn't just about making it into the top-30 in points; it's about powering to the top and making the biggest statement possible ahead of the Gfinity Elite Series Pro Draft Delivered By Domino's.

With all that to consider, let's catch up with our challengers and see where they all stack up after 21 days of competition.



There's no other way of saying it; night_watch has the Xbox One FIFA 18 table on lockdown. This week only yielded a top-16 and two top-32 finishes, but consistency is absolutely what counts, and he continues to lead on 2070 points – up almost 400 points over Beast Tekkerz in 2nd on 1680 points. IiTz MaXi moves up to 3rd on 1440 points with a cup win on Wednesday and a top-8 finish on Monday, just ahead of last week's impressive newcomer Alexx19 in 4th on 1430 points. Krompe completes the top-5 and continues their rapid ascent on 1380 points, just ahead of this week's big mover – Rxbbie_. Just like Alexx19 last week – is it something to do with having the letter 'x' in your username? - Rxbbie has enjoyed a meteoric rise in a short space of time, winning not one but TWO Cups in a week to accumulate 1270 points in the space of four days. For context, before this week he only had 200 points for the entire first two weeks of Challenger Series Season 4. Can he keep this incredible form going? For now, he sits 6th just ahead of BradleyHodgson on 1240 points, elast1cooo and DNG PadrePio 96 tied on 1130 points, and Gabinho rounding out the top-10 on 1120 points.

Over on the PS4 leaderboard, there's been plenty of movement. Denisss retakes the lead he previously held in Week 1, by just ten points over last week's standout Danny Taylor; the former leads on 1850 points over the latter on 1840 respectively. Both have been solid and consistent, and the battle for top spot will be a fascinating one to watch as the season unfolds. Meanwhile behind them, a new challenger emerges – or rather, one we were waiting to emerge since the season begun. Yes folks, LostInTheWavez is here – the Elite Series draft pick last season has arrived in Challenger Series Season 4 Delivered By Domino's. A Cup win on Thursday night combined with a top-32 and a top-16 result means a 1100 point haul in the space of four days, and puts him up to 3rd on 1590 points. Still 260 points behind the leader, but going from 21st to 3rd in the space of a week is about as meteoric a rise as its possible to have. KalanC and NVD_Hyper round out the top-5 on 1250 and 1190 points respectively, and the lower half of the top-10 sees another new name rising up. Turbulance1 has climbed to 7th on 1030 points, with the Maltese member of Project Eversio sitting just behind 0775_Arber on 1130 points and just ahead of Gouvy on 960 points. Renzo Parave and Masi2k4 round out the top-10.

Rocket League

Interestingly, the FlipSid3 Tactics team-mates are now seperated at the top of the Rocket League standings – Yukeo has moved out in front courtesy of an extra top-32 finish on Thursday, leading by 2460 points over Kuxir97 on 2340 points. Both took a runner-up finish on Tuesday night for a healthy haul of points, and Kuxir97 sits 300 points ahead of Elite Series veterans Fairy Peak! and Speed_RL both on 2040 points respectively, with KayDop rounding out the top-5 on 1640 points. Speaking of Elite Series veterans, Team Envy's Mout powers into the top-10 and moves up to joint 5th level on points with KayDop on 1640 points after a very productive week. A win, a runner-up and a top-8 finish yielded 640 points exactly, and he now sits ahead of another newcomer in the top-10 in Tylacto who has enjoyed a similarly valuable week; a win on Monday, a top-8 on Tuesday and a top-4 on Thursday totals 770 points and puts him 7th on 1555 points. Cheerio slips to 8th on 1490 points, and Secret FlamE and Fairy Peak's ex-teammate FreaKii are tied at the bottom of the top-10 on 1450 points.

Street Fighter V

Two Elite Series mainstays have stormed out into a considerable lead at the top of the SFV standings; NastyNas is a man on a mission, and sits top of the table on a mammoth 3035 points. An incredibly consistent week involving him competing every single day and finishing runner-up twice, top-6 once and top-32 once yields a 1010-point haul to put the former Method and Ares standout ahead of Verdoyance on 2784 points. Manxas slips to 3rd over 1000 points behind NastyNas on 1918 points, with Gun Slinga keeping up the pursuit in 4th on 1566 points and TheCombatButler climbing to 5th on 1395 points. We've got two new names joining the party in the bottom-half of the top-10, although one of them will be a very familiar face to Elite Series viewers. The first is GreenSoap, slotting into 8th on 1249 points, and just like NastyNas they serve to prove just how important playing in as many Cups as possible can be. Playing every night in Week 3 has yielded a return of a top-48 on Monday, a top-8 on Tuesday, a top-32 on Wednesday and a top-3 on Thursday for a total of 675 points in four days. They sit just behind Naught and Killzyou on 1284 and 1258 points respectively, and just ahead of OneStepLayered on 1113 points and the other new name in the top-10; Boltstrike in 10th on 1107 points. Yes folks, the Doctor is in the house – the UNILAD star and mainstay of the Elite Series and UK FGC has quietly made his way into the top-10 with a similarly consistent week to GreenSoap - two top-6s, a top-8 and a top-24 adds up to a 528-point total.

The first three weeks of Challenger Series Season 4 Delivered By Domino's have been consistently engaging, with players charging up the rankings and others trying to establish a strong lead at the top. We will have profiles and interviews with the top players looking to earn an Elite Series draft pick on the website soon. And remember, you could still be one of them!


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