FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Reveal: All New Features, FUT Co-Op, FUT Events, FUT Stadium And More

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The FIFA 21 Ultimate Reveal has dropped, with two new modes announced, as well as tonnes of new customisation and club management options, with EA attempting to make FUT 21 the most social, customisable FUT to date!

Throughout the reveal, EA focused on 3 key areas:

  • More Ways To Play
  • More Ways To Progress
  • More Time On The Pitch

We’ll go through and summarise all of these key areas, but do keep your eyes peeled for in-depth articles on the Gfinity page over the coming week diving into all the new features FUT 21 has to offer.

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More Ways To Play - FUT Co-Op, FUT Events, Live FUT Friendlies & More

FUT has been calling for new ways to play games with our teams for a number of years now, with the notoriously hardcore Division Rivals and FUT Champions modes being the main rewarding modes to play.

This year, EA have added FUT Co-Op, FUT Events and Live FUT Friendlies into the mix, to give the player base more avenues to use their hard-earned FUT teams.



Team up with a friend online in Division Rivals against other solos or duos, in Squad Battles against the AI, or kick back in FUT Friendlies House Rules against other players.

Complete special Co-Op objectives to unlock rewards, and make progress in your individual weekly Division Rivals ranking and Squad Battles leaderboard.

FUT Co-Op has real potential to be a real core mode to FUT 21 if it rewards players in unique ways. 

FUT Events


FUT Events are new live events that allow the community to work in collaboration or against one another to earn fun rewards such as customisation items, coins, packs or players.

In Team Events, complete themed Objectives for your side as you contribute to your team’s score and try to unlock unique rewards, coins, or packs.

In Community Events, earn progress as one global FUT Community by completing special objective groups that unlock rewards for everyone participating in the event.

Live FUT Friendlies

Shake up your team and experiment with your lineup in new Live FUT Friendlies - where Squad Rules and House Rules combine to give you a range of limited-time matches that change throughout the season.

FUT Friendlies should bring back the feel of the old Daily Knockout Tournaments of FIFA 17 and 18, with limited time, objective-based games that reward the player for their grind.

More Ways To Progress - FUT Stadium & Endless Customisation Options

Finally, in FIFA 21 we’re being given the opportunity to dive much deeper into customisation, with FUT Stadium being a key new feature that we’re super excited to dive into!


FUT Stadium

From the ultra-modern FUT Stadium to the intimidating FUT Challengers Stadium and the intense footballing cauldron of FUT Champions Stadium, unlock new tiers as your club grows and the fans flood in to watch.

FUT Stadium looks set to be a brilliant new addition into FUT 21, giving players total control over how their home turf looks and feels, with up to 34 customisation options ranging from seat colours to tifos to pyrotechnics.

Your Style 

FUT 21 also gives players the ability to set custom nicknames for their club for in-game commentary, as well as the familiar ability to customise the club’s look through all the various club crests, stadium dressings, banners and kits.

Full Stand & Pitch Customisation

Building on the FUT Stadium customisation, you can customise almost every detail of your FUT Stadium, from Pitch Mow Patterns and Goal Net Colours, to Stadium Paint and Seat Colours. Up your Tifo game with Foreground and Background Tifos in FUT Stadium that give you more ways to show off what matters to you, and display your FUT Achievements for all to see with Pitch Trophies that are unlocked by hitting club milestones.


Your Celebration

Crank up the atmosphere in your FUT Stadium by hand selecting your Club Anthem and Crowd Chants, and feel the passion in every goal by picking Celebrations, Goal Music, and even Pyrotechnic Displays that bring the heat to your home turf.

More Time On The Pitch - Streamlined Club Management, New Menus & More

In FUT 21 an effort appears to have been made to ensure that club management is much easier, menus are quicker, and overall more time is spent playing games as opposed to other activities.

Streamlined Club Management


Players recover full fitness after every match with no need to manage Fitness Items. Staff Coaches and Training Items have been removed to simplify the experience, and an updated injury and healing system makes it easier to manage your lineup from game to game.

All-in-all, this should mean far less time buying squad fitness for your players after every game or two, resulting in less time in club management, but also fewer coins spent.


Fewer Stoppages

Shorter celebrations, fewer replays, and faster restarts when the ball goes out of play helps to maximise the amount of time you spend playing online in FUT 21.

Easy Access Menus

Get to the game faster with a redesigned FUT Menu. Don’t miss a beat with the new home screen that helps you stay up to date with the latest news in FUT. Access the squad screen to make tactical tweaks or tinker with your FUT Stadium set up from almost anywhere in the FUT Menu.

A redesigned menu system should mean far greater efficiency for SBC grinders, as well as lowering the time taken to get into games to try out those new players purchased from the transfer market.

FUT Icon 100

The FUT Icon 100 has been announced, with 12 new icons announced for the new season:

  • Eric Cantona
  • Petr Cech
  • Ashley Cole
  • Samuel Eto’o
  • Phillip Lahm
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • Fernando Torres
  • Davor Suker
  • Nemanja Vidic
  • Xavi