FIFA 21: Why The PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Make FIFA 21 The Best In The Series

The PS5 and Xbox Series X hype is at an all-time high and one of the debut titles likely to launch on both consoles is FIFA 21.

With new hardware comes new opportunities and an opportunity to refresh the game - there was a massive jump up technically when FIFA transitioned to the current generation of consoles in FIFA 14.

So how can the next-generation of consoles improve FIFA and make it the best in the series?

1) New Hardware, Better Graphics

With an upgrade in hardware comes better graphics and FIFA 21 will likely be the best looking game we've played to date.

It's also important to highlight how smooth the animation will be running 120 frames-per-second and hopefully improve the gameplay for the better.

Perhaps this FIFA can finally match the incredible graphics that its rival has been sporting for so many years?

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2) Super-Fast Installations

Game updates and installations can be extremely slow, especially when they come with such high values - it can lead to long copy times after lengthy downloads.

With both consoles boasting state-of-the-art solid-state drives, players can expect copying and installation times to be drastically reduced, allowing you to get into the battlefield quicker than ever before!

It's also worth noting that games will load faster and with Microsoft's quick resume feature, players can load up other games while they wait for players on the market place in FUT.

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3) Potential for VR?

With both PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles boasting some serious graphical power, there are several different avenues that FIFA can venture down in terms of providing new experiences for the community.

The prospect of VR in FIFA is a mouthwatering prospect, even if the game has become more competitive in recent years.

A lot of players would also argue that the game needs something new to freshen up the formula - how cool would it be to play 11 vs 11 Pro Clubs?

Although the Xbox Series X won't support VR at launch, it could come later on. The PS5 WILL have VR and it could be a tantalising prospect to entertain you when you're unable to get on the pitch.

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