FIFA 21 PS5 Gameplay: How Can PlayStation 5's Graphics Enhance The Next FIFA?

FIFA 21 will be the first game on the next generation of consoles when they launch later this year.

The PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate will rage on until then and a vital feature that can separate the two is the graphics and how they impact gameplay.

Here's why FIFA 21 on PS5 could be truly outstanding.

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Higher Frame-Rate

With a higher frame-rate, potentially reaching 120 FPS, animations will be that much smoother.

This means there will be far more realistic actions and a lot less awkward motions from players (hopefully leading to less glitchy animation and situations).

For the top tier players, it means every tackle and every pass is that more important to time - you'll see less rigid actions being executed and more consistent outcomes.

It should also improve any lag based frame rate drops that occur when playing online.

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Clearer Weather Conditions

With enhanced graphics and cleaner visuals, varying weather conditions like snow and rain will be less distracting for the player.

Although modes like FUT are based in clear conditions exclusively, for those that enjoy playing in a variety of weather, you'll be able to enjoy the change of pace without being hindered.

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Stadium Shadows

Something that has been an issue in older FIFA games is awkward stadium roofs that cast shadows onto the pitch.

With greatly improved graphics, the shadows will be far less obstructive while players run down the wing, allowing you to act without being distracted.

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More Immersive Cutscenes

From packed out crowds to the Career Mode negotiations, having a more realistic set of cutscenes will massively improve the overall experience.

This will truly immerse the player in what they're playing and allow the story of the beautiful game to really shine on a level with most story mode based games.


Better FUT Card Designs

The card designs in FUT get better each year and with improved graphics (and more notably hardware) these cards can be taken to the next level.

Dynamic pictures already feature in the game and we could potentially see animated players in place of static ones.

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