FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to the Final Part 2: How Upgrades Work and Investments

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Part 2 of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League Road to the Final Promotion has just passed in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with a tonne of top players receiving Road to the Final items.

This promotion allows players to get behind their favourite teams in the Champions League, by purchasing players from teams they think will progress far into the tournament, receiving massive player upgrades in the process.



Just like last week, this article will cover for Part 2:

  • How the Road to the Final Upgrades Work
  • Advice on how to invest in these Road to the Final cards
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How Road to the Final Cards are Upgraded

Road to the Final cards are ‘live items,’ similar to Ones To Watch cards in that they upgrade throughout the season. However, the difference is, Road to the Final cards are tied to the teams progression in the tournament, not specifically the individual player performance. This means that, even if Sadio Mane doesn’t play for Liverpool for whatever reason, and Liverpool progress into a later stage of the tournament, Mane will still receive an upgrade.



Cards are upgraded once for:

  • Qualifying for the Knockout Stages
  • Winning the first leg of the Round of 16
  • Reaching the Quarter Final
  • Reaching the Semi-Final
  • Reaching the Final
  • Winning the UEFA Champions League

An example of the upgrade system can be found below.

Image Courtesy of: @Simplblue88

Road to the Final Part 2 Investments

My top picks for investments, based off how meta the player in question is, the chances of the team reaching the later stages of the tournament, and other factors, are as follows. Unfortunately, Road to the Final Part 2 doesn’t deliver as strongly as part 1, but there are still a couple of decent cards to look at in the future.


Jordi Alba - Barcelona

Being one of the top LBs in the world, and incredibly meta in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Jordi Alba is a great pick up for those with a lot of coins running a La Liga setup. With Barcelona likely to secure a spot in the latter stages of the Champions League, expect this Jordi Alba to get upgraded well into the 90s, with around 95 Pace, 87 Defending, 90 Dribbling etc., making him one of the best LBs we’ll see this year in FUT. 


Leon Goretzka - Bayern

Goretzka this year has the potential to be a god tier central midfielder, with all stats currently around the 80 mark. With Bayern predicted to go far in the tournament, I’d expect Goretzka to reach around a 90 rating, which would give him a predicted 85 or higher in all of his base card stats, including predicted 87 Pace, 88 Dribbling, 88 Physical and 90 Passing, making him one of the best box-to-box central midfielders in FUT this year.

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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading