FIFA 20: Title Update #19 - Special Quality Filter Being Added To FUT

A new title update is now live for FIFA 20 on PC, with the Xbox One and PS4 likely to receive it next week.

Here's what's been changed.

Title Update #19


Made the following changes:

  • Added the Special Quality Filter, a new feature that will be activated through a server release at a later date and time, and this activation will be announced on the @EAFIFADIRECT Twitter account.
  • The Special Quality Filter enables players to search for the exact Player Item rarity.
  • The Special Quality Filter is available in the Transfer Market, and in the Club tab of the Squad screen.
  • The Special Quality Filter can be accessed by hovering over the Quality tile when performing a search, followed by pressing your controller’s confirmation button.Known Issue: The Special Quality Filter incorrectly displays an option to search for Silver FUT Champions Items, an Item rarity that is not present in-game.

Addressed the following issue

  • When selecting one of the first 7 Player Items in the search results, the Compare Price function on the Transfer Market was only displaying 1 page of Player Items.
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