FIFA 16: Best Premier League Players

Thinking about creating a Premier League FIFA Ultimate Team side? First, you’ll need to know who the best players are.  

Below is a list of the 20 highest ranked Premier League players in FIFA 16.

So, let’s see who’s made the cut and who doesn’t deserve the acknowledgement…

20. Philippe Coutinho 84 – Liverpool FC 

19. Oscar 84 – Chelsea FC 

18. Juan Mata 84 – Manchester United 

17. Petr Čech 85 – Arsenal 

16. Vincent Kompany 85 – Manchester City

15. John Terry 85 – Chelsea FC 

14. Yaya Toure 85 – Manchester City 

13. Santi Cazorla 85 – Arsenal 

12. Bastian Schweinsteiger 86 – Manchester United 

11. Wayne Rooney 86 – Manchester United 

10. Thibaut Courtois 86 – Chelsea FC 

9. Diego Costa 86 – Chelsea FC 

8. Kevin De Bruyne 86 – Manchester City 

7. David De Gea EA 86 – Manchester United 

6. Alexis Sanchez 86 – Arsenal 

5. Mesut Ozil 87 - Arsenal 

4. Cesc Fabregas 87 – Chelsea FC 

3. Sergio Aguero 87 – Manchester City 

2. David Silva 88 – Manchester City 

1. Eden Hazard 89 – Chelsea FC 

Ranking Analysis:

Overall, the rankings are solid, however, personally, I feel like there are a couple ratings that don’t accurately reflect the players form. 

Ozil and Rooney are both overrated. Rooney’s dribbling and passing shouldn’t be 80+ and Ozil certainly doesn’t deserve an 87 overall rank.

Another player who I feel needs another evaluation is Kevin De Bruyne. An overall rating of 86 is far too high for a player who hasn’t yet proven himself within the Premier League. Yes he performed amazingly well with Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga, however, that's not enough to grant him such a high set of attributes.  

My Premier League FUT Starting 11: 

Now that the Top 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Premier League players have been revealed, let’s take a look at building a squad around them.

For my Premier League FUT side I’m going to opt for the 4-2-3-1 formation. With the new interception mechanic, I believe that playing a CAM rather than a CDM will benefit me greatly, as I possess the potential to steal the ball higher up the pitch and counter attack quicker.

You will also notice that there are no Premier League RB’s or LB’s in the top 20, so I’ve picked my preferred options.

GK = David De Gea – Better Kicking and Diving than Courtois.

RB = Nathaniel Clyne – Great all-round stats; pace, passing, defending and physical. If he performs as expected, we should see an upgraded card in January.

CB = Vincent Kompany – Strong with decent pace, will make a great partner with any CB.

CB = John Terry – His aerial threat going forwards is key. It’s always important to have a proven goal scorer for corners.

LB = Luke Shaw – Again, great all-round fullback. Unfortunately, his tragic injury will halt his progress this season.

CM = Cesc Fabregas – A no brainer. 90 Passing.

CM = Yaya Toure – An all-round machine but more importantly he can make those vital interceptions in the middle of the park.

CAM = David Silva – Another playmaker. Pace isn’t necessary for the CAM role in my opinion. Get Silva on the ball and allow the other players to run off him into goal-scoring positions. Silva will always find that key pass.

RM = Alexis Sanchez – High pace, dribbling and shooting attributes. He will be playing out of his preferred positon, but he is a must have.

LM = Eden Hazard – Speaks for himself. Amazing player.

ST = Sergio Aguero – Undoubtedly one of, if not, the best striker in current world football. In my opinion, he is a better all-round player than Costa and Rooney.

What do you think of my starting XI? Who you use the same squad, or swap out some players? Let us know in the comments! 

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