FIFA 16: Best Defenders

Defending has changed dramatically in FIFA 16. No longer will you need to pick defenders with pace in order to stop your opponents speedsters! *Halleluiah*

In this year’s game, a lot has changed to how we can defend. The inclusion of the interception mechanic enables you to cut out those annoying through-balls and now that defenders are more agile, even if you slide in to make a tackle and miss, you can pop right back up and continue to shut out your opponent.

But what does this mean when picking your defenders in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Well, first we need to understand who our best options are. Here are the top 10 defensive rated players in FIFA 16…

10. John Terry 86 Defender Rating – Chelsea FC (England) 85 Overall

9. Sergio Ramos 86 Defender Rating – Real Madrid CF (Spain) 87 Overall

8. Philipp Lahm 87 Defender Rating – FC Bayern München (Germany) 87 Overall

7. Jérôme Boateng 87 Defender Rating – FC Bayern München (Germany) 87 Overall

6. Per Mertesacker 87 Defender Rating – Arsenal (Germany) 83 Overall

5. Andrea Barzagli 87 Defender Rating – Juventus (Italy) 84 Overall

4. Naldo 87 Defender Rating – VfL Wolfsburg (Brazil) 85 Overall

3. Mats Hummels 87 Defender Rating – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) 86 Overall

2. Giorgio Chiellini 88 Defender Rating – Juventus (Italy) 87 Overall

1. Thiago Silva 88 Defender Rating – Paris Saint-Germain (Brazil) 88 Overall 

First, let’s take a look at the top 10. I’m intrigued at the exclusion of Vincent Kompany. Even with a dodgy season last year he is still one of the best defenders on the planet. For him not to make the top 10 is wrong in my opinion. Also HOW is Jerome Boateng rated so highly? Is it just me who has a problem with this? 

Anyway, so there are the top 10 defenders in FIFA 16. But whom do you choose?

For me I’d go for Hummels and Mertesacker. If you can get Neuer as your goalkeeper and then have Lahm in front of the two centre-backs, it will create a team that is very tough for your opponent to get through.  

By selecting three of the top 10 defensive players in the game, you are also presented with a solid foundation to build the rest of your team. Whether it’s a Bundesliga/Germany or a Premier League/Bundesliga Hyrbird, you are spoilt for choice.


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