EA E3 Conference Recap

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The conference started with a short trailer for the new Mass Effect game. The only information we received was that the next instalment would be called Mass Effect ‘Andromada’ and that it would be released in the “holidays” of 2016.


The first full game presentation was for the new Need For Speed game. This game has generated a lot of excitement from many old school NFS fans due to the possibility of a new Underground game, which was teased in a short trailer released a few weeks ago. Will there be a Need For Speed Underground 3? Yes, and No. The game that was shown to the crowd at E3 had a lot of similarities to the Underground series but also had similarities to all of the other previous NFS games too. The new instalment will take the best elements of each of the previous NFS games and bundle them up into one NFS game simply titled, Need For Speed. The new game will have a huge open world said to be twice the size of the map in NFS Rivals. I twill also have the “richest customisation” seen in a NFS game, with five new storylines that once ventured, will evolve your character into the ultimate driver. The new NFS will be available for purchase on the 3rd of November 2016.



Next up was Star Wars, but not the Star Wars everyone was expecting. Electronic Arts unveiled a brand new world and storyline into Star Wars: Old Republic named “Knights Of The Fallen Empire” due for release on the 27th of October 2016. The new storyline will give you the opportunity to make decisions that affect the course of the story as you progress. Something Old Republic fans have been wishing for. This expansion will be FREE to all current Old Republic subscribers.




The biggest surprise for me wasn’t one I was expecting. EA announced an original IP called “Unravel”. This sweet puzzle game pulled on your heartstrings as you play as a little creature made out of yarn that uses his string to make his way through various levels. The game was presented by the creator from Northern Sweden who seemed to be a little overwhelmed by the occasion, which actually added to the emotion felt in the room when the trailer was played.


Another unexpected announcement was Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The new game comes with six new characters and a new world. Players will also be able to play solo or enjoy local split screen for the first time as they play as the Zombies trying to fight off the Plants who are attacking Zomberbia. Players of Garden Warefare 1 will be able to transfer their data across to the second instalment, which is due for release in the Spring of next year. Plants Vs Zombie: Garden Warefare 2 also boast “Free Updates” as payback to the games fans.

After Garden Warefare 2, we got a very quick look at both NHL16 and Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour, showing off EA’s new “Frostbite” technology. After that the conference turned to NBA LIVE 16. The developers of the game seemed to have focused mainly on how the game looks with the announcement of new “Gameface” technology that was put into practise live onstage where a face was generated in very high quality within 30 seconds. The game also showed enhanced customisation for your player. The other focus was on the in-game movement when playing NBA LIVE 16. Features such as a “Pass Catching System”, new physics and a new shooting meter were introduced with a game mode being announced over the summer.




The EA Sports announcements then game to a sudden halt to showcase some new mobile apps that will soon be released. The main focus was on “Minion’s Paradise” where players get to create their very own Paradise Island with slides, fishing, water skiing etc.


EA Sports then continued with the game that many of you will have been tuned in for, FIFA 16. Before EA talked about the game, they brought out the one and only Pele to talk about how Football/Soccer is the “Beautiful Game”. (Something that, you could tell, didn’t go down to well with many American Football fans in the crowd). This teed up the main focus for FIFA 16, Graphics and Gameplay. According to EA, FIFA 16 will be the most balanced FIFA yet with new features such as better “Defensive Shape” and “Interception Intelligence”. They also touched on the already announced Women’s International teams and that due to the fantastic support from the FIFA community, players will receive a “gift” that has now been added to your FUT account.




Next was the second instalment of Mirror’s Edge, named “Catalyst”. The game boast no loading screens or levels as you free run through the city in first person, which will look amazing in VR. The story explains the “Origins” of the main character and her city’s struggle with the lack of free will. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be available on the 23rd of February 2016.


EA turned their attention once more to their sports branch to showcase Madden 16. This year’s game will have a new mode called “Draft Champions”, which is a sort of Fantasy Team creator not too dissimilar to FUT. Players will be able to develop their team with the NFL’s Draft system, then play with that team solo or online. The Madden team also spoke about changes to the gameplay with added features focused around throwing, receiving and defending.




Finally EA closed their conference with one of the most hotly anticipated games of E3. Star Wars: Battlefront. EA gave a quick introduction about the development of the game having been given a lot of access from Lucasfilm, making the graphics in-game identical to what you see in the films. They also announced that Battlefront will have “multiple multiplayer modes” and that the game will be released on November 17th 2016. Then viewers of the conference got to see gameplay for the very first time. The gamplay showed first person and third person views with players jump boosting, shooting, delivering orbit strikes, flying x-wings and also seeing Darth Vader square off against Luke Skywalker. Something the crowd inside the EA conference got very excited about.