Does Brian have enough vitality to win Season 4?

The FIFA 15 Play Like A Legend Grand Final is ready for kick-off!

As FIFA 15 nears its conclusion, the best FIFA players in the world return to the Gfinity Arena for one final encounter.

16 players have battled their way through the online qualifiers held at and this weekend they prepare to show off their talent and skill with aspirations of securing a slice of the $15,000 prize pool.

We're delighted to reveal the official player lineup for the upcoming FIFA Play Like A Legend Grand Final.

Previous champions, Spencer Ealing, Brian Savary and Emilien Taly return for the final, and arguably the most talented ‘Play Like A Legend’ championship in history.

With several title contenders attending the event, will we see the first two-time PLAL champion? Or will a new legend be born? 

We're also excited to bring you confirmation of the PLAL Grand Final groups. The tournament will feature four groups four, with the two highest placing players from each group securing qualification into the single elimination bracket. 

 The prize pool will be split between the four top placing players, with the allocation broken down as follows:

1st: $7,0002nd: $3,5003rd/4th: $1,7503rd/4th: $1,750

Goal of The Season: $500

More information and tickets for the FIFA Play Like A Legend Grand Final are available here now.


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